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2018 Goals

Wednesday, 10 January 2018
The new year is the perfect time for new goals, as cheesy and cliche as that always sounds! Last year certainly wasn't bad for me but I feel like a pretty much just maintained the whole year - I didn't really do anything new, exciting or noteworthy and I am usually more ambitious than that. That is why I figured I would write 5 really succinct and doable goals for my year ahead and I would encourage all of you to do the same if there are some things you really want to work towards achieving. 

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
I think this one finds its way into a lot of people's yearly goals list but I am really serious about it. I was told I had very high cholesterol even though my lifestyle and diet really wasn't too bad and I'm only 25. After some research, I'm not totally convinced I'm actually at higher risk of heart disease when none of the other risk factors are present, but I still want to get a lot healthier so I can be certain I'm doing all I can to keep my body healthy. It's pretty simple when you break it down: don't eat crap, eat heaps of whole foods, exercise at least 5 times a week and get 8 hours of sleep a night. 

2. Significantly advance my career
This is where I feel like I really didn't achieve in 2017. I really like my current job but it isn't full time and I can't progress any further where I am due to the nature of the work. I have two career options I am currently considering - either find employment as an educator or public program facilitator in a museum or gallery or become a senior secondary history & English teacher. I graduated with a Masters of Museum Studies at the end of last year so I feel like I'm qualified, but it is just a very competitive job market. This year I am starting a Masters of Secondary Teaching but I'm doing it externally so I can keep pursuing museum jobs and drop down to part time if I do find one. I'm still starting out my career so I just want to make notable progress. I don't necessarily expect to find my dream job this year but I'll be happy if I take just a couple more steps towards it. 

3. Find a new direction for my blog and social media
I really feel like my content has become a bit stale recently. I would truly appreciate your feedback on this too because I'm trying to figure out what new direction I want to take. Don't get me wrong, I still love makeup but I really hate that sometimes my blog feels like I'm encouraging people to buy, buy, buy. It is wasteful, unsustainable and honestly just too expensive. I also have a very natural, flattering approach to makeup so I definitely can't keep up with the Insta-glam content out there. Basically, I want to find my niche and have fun with makeup and blogging again.

4. Build a meaningful, collaborative community
I see what some of the bloggers I know are doing and I just think it is so amazing! The amazing Kirsten of Sunday Luxe runs an amazing Facebook group for beauty bloggers, beauty Instagrammers and general beauty addicts, while Tahana of Talk Healthy To Me has created such a supportive and encouraging community for working towards a healthier lifestyle. I am not saying I want to do something on quite this scale, but to create an online space were people can have fun and chat would be awesome. 

5. Work towards new and exciting things in my relationship
I have been with my lovely boyfriend ten years this year and we have settled into a really comfortable, fulfilling and symbiotic relationship. I also feel like we have be coaxing a little bit over the last few years too so it would be great to start moving towards the next big life goals. I would love to start saving for a house if our employment status allows it and maybe even begin to move more seriously towards getting married. Who knows? 

There you have my big goals for 2017. I really think they all seem realistic and I truly want them enough to keep consistently keep working towards them. I also wanted to write them down and publish them to hold myself accountable so I cam keep checking back to see if I am on track. I would also love to know what your main goals for 2018 so please share them in the comments below so we can all cheer each other on!
15 comments on "2018 Goals"
  1. I love these goals and I can't wait to see what 2018 has to hold for you! I really want to try and expand my content this year as well and try and include a wider variety of content!

    Laura ||

    1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with your content too because I love your blog!

  2. I think all your goals are realistic and achievable, so good on you! In terms on your blog content, I really like it. But if you do have other passions maybe start incorporating it in? That way its still enjoyable for you and provides more variety for your readers x

  3. Thank you for sharing your goals, I definitely share a few of the same especially in maintaining a healthier lifestyle! I totally get what you mean about giving your blog a new direction. I just gave my blog/life a cruelty free overhaul, which was a much bigger change than i anticipated but one I am really excited for. I really enjoy your content and I think as long as you continue to stay true to yourself it will shine through everything you do :) x

  4. That's a fantastic photo of your and Shaun. I look forward to any new direction you take my lovely, enjoying the journey so far xx

  5. Your goals are very realistic! I think some people have problems not sticking to their goals because they have made it too unrealistic for them, so it good to see these goals for you! It made me feel really inspired 💓

    Kelsey ||

  6. You've taken the first step towards your goals just by thinking them through and documenting them! All the best with starting to achieve what's important to you in 2018!


  7. You’ve got some great goals ahead of go. Can’t wait for hear about them throughout the year

    Rochelle ||

  8. I love your goals! best of luck with them all girl!
    Ebony x

  9. All your goals sound so progressive and realistic. Wishing you all the best to achieve them all. Love your pictures!

  10. Your goals certainly sound realistic Emma! I too am trying to focus on a healthier lifestyle in 2018 as I've lost close to 5kg since last September & want to keep that weight off, plus my overall health took a bit of a hammering last year.

    In terms of content, ask yourself if there are any other areas of interest that you might like to talk about. I myself have a somewhat scattered focus with my blog (aside from beauty, I also talk fashion, life/lifestyle/personal stuff, travel & music on the odd occasion) and I know that those types of posts aren't always popular in terms of views, but I don't care too much about that since I write what I want to write, if you get my drift. I think if you blog for yourself first & foremost + stay true to yourself it shows through in your content, but I know that that's not always easy.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  11. Your goals are mostly really different to what everyone else’s are for the year! My sister in law used to work as the education facilitator for GOMA until they moved overseas a few years ago. She had a drama degree I’m pretty sure.

    I definitely want to work towards finding a job I’m more passionate about as I love my industry but have found my workplace to be really adverse to change and it’s hard to improve us and my skills with this attitude. We’ve also had really inconsistent leadership so I’d love some more stability.

    Maddie |

  12. Just love your post the way you simply described your ambitions and goals. Best of luck dear with your life. I am really happy for you.

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