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The Daily Edited Double Card Holder

Wednesday, 20 September 2017
I have been lusting after so many pieces from The Daily Edited and I finally just went ahead and bought one last week. I have been using a lot of very small bags recently so not even my little zip pouch would really fit once I put in my phone, keys, lipstick and maybe a pair of sunglasses. The Double Card Holder ($59.95) from The Daily Edited seemed like a great solution.

I absolutely never carry cash so I found it really easy to transition to a card holder. I usually just need my license, bank card and credit card. I use an app on my phone called Stocard so I don't need to carry loyalty cards for various stores. I can also actually go without my bank card and credit card because they are on my phone via Apple Pay but my phone dies a lot so I like to still have my cards. If you don't think you could ever downsize to a card holder or very small wallet, you might be surprised. Think about what you actually use from you wallet and I bet there are probably tons of things you don't.
The card holder has two spaces on either side for cards. They will really only fit one in each because once it is full, it gets pretty tight and you wouldn't want to stretch it out. There is also a space in the middle where you could maybe keep an extra card but I think it is a particularly good place to store a note or two just in case you need cash. 

I was attracted to this card holder and The Daily Edited in general because the is a chic, minimal and so well made. The whole range just looks so sleek and the pop up store in David Jones just look so gorgeous because of the classic pieces and perfectly neutral colours. The range is made of real leather and is stitched perfectly. The quality is so good and the pieces look like they should even maybe cost more than they do. They definitely stand by the quality of the products too. If the monogramming flakes off, you can have it redone for free at any store or by sending it to their HQ. Where do you get that kind of service and quality assurance on a $60 piece? Also, lets be honest - this range was made for flatlays!
Of course, we need to talk about the monogramming. They just keep expanding the options and it is almost too hard to choose. You can choose from:

  • Many different leather colours
  • A range of gold, rose gold and silver hardware on some pieces
  • 2 free fonts: serif and sans serif
  • 2 cursive fonts that cost an extra $70: brush lettering and thin cursive
  • 2 sizes: 24 pt and 36 pt
  • 9 colours: blind, gold, silver, rose gold, red, lilac, pale blue, dark blue, turquoise
  • Tons of emoji options
  • Up to 4 characters free
  • 5-10 characters for an addition fee of $30
Font options
Size options
Foil monogramming colour options

I went for the 36 pt serif font in rose gold on my Taupe card holder. The taupe leather is absolutely gorgeous and plays really well with the rose gold monogramming. It is a perfect neutral! Basically, I am totally in love with it!

On that note, I definitely need to buy more! I need your help choosing which piece I am going to choose next. I am leaning towards the Mini Cross Body Bag ($129.95) but I have absolutely no idea whether to get it in taupe, burgundy or mist grey.
I also really like the pale pink pouch with the wrist strap ($99.95) as a nice clean clutch. I think I would get it with rose gold hardware and monogramming. 
I can't decide because they are all so beautiful! Please let me know in the comments below which piece I should buy next. I would also love to know which items from The Daily Edited are on your wishlist or in your wardrobe already.

Disclaimer: I purchased this item myself with my own money. As always, all opinions are my own.
10 comments on "The Daily Edited Double Card Holder"
  1. I realy like the Mini Cross Body Bag in burgundy. Monogramming accessories adds a touch of class, it looks beautiful.

    Amy |

    1. I think I am leaning towards the burgundy myself but I could wait until next fall/winter to get that one and get the pink pouch for summer. I'm not sure :/ Thanks for reading

  2. I love the Daily Edited! I have a pale pink passport holder with gold monogramming and also a khaki pouch and I use them all the time! I would definitely get the Taupe Mini Cross Body Bag - it looks like such a beautiful colour which would work in all seasons :) x

    1. I am sure their passport holder is gorgeous but I don't travel enough sadly. It is so hard to decide what to get next but you are totally right that the taupe colour would be good for every season.

  3. I love the pale pink pouch with the wrist strap!


    1. Me too! Honestly though, everything is so gorgeous!

  4. This looks so good, the monogramming options are indeed so hard to choose, they are all beautiful and they do make it so classic. Great shots!

    1. Thanks so much! They definitely are so classic and gorgeous :)

  5. Woow I love it, this color is amazing!

  6. I love the look of these! The girls at work have matching taupe/pink bags monogrammed and they're so pretty.

    Maddie |


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