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OPI Infinite Shine Lacquer

Wednesday, 13 September 2017
OPI Infinite Shine Lacquer Stick To Your Burgundies Samoan Sand Made Your Look Review Swatches
I was really excited when I picked these up at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo but I have to be really honest... I was so disappointed! Don't get me wrong, I love OPI and think their normal lacquer range is one of the best and most consistent out there but I did not get on at all with these. On paper they were everything I should have liked: amplified shine, extended wear, great finish. In the end though, I disagreed with all of the claims and think they definitively way worse than the original formula in application, wear and finish.

So lets start with application, which is where it all started to fall apart. It was streaky and really difficult to get a smooth finish. That is coming from someone who paints their nails 2-3 times a week so I would like to think I am pretty damn good at applying polish. The grey "Made Your Look" was definitely the streakiest of the bunch. As they dried down, it wasn't smooth at all and I got a lot streaking and even a few bubbles. I think everything I disliked about the application was to do with the thicker formula. It just did not work!
Streaky Application
Uneven Colour Coverage.
As for the claims of intense shine, I just didn't see it. The finish was not great and looked less shiny than what I typically experience with normal OPI polishes, which you can particularly see with the wear photos below. You know how a fresh manicure should look absolutely gorgeous and glossy and make you smile when you see it? I did not get that with these polishes... only annoyance that I had spent so much money on them.

Now for wear... it sucked! I really hate to be so negative in a review but I truly think these are some of the worst I have tried, especially considering the high price. I had chips within 24 hours. No joke! By the three day mark, there were significant chips and I took every shade off before the the end of the third day. I was very disappointed. 
Left Hand: This was day three. A high end polish that claims to be extra long wearing should not like like this after less than 3 days. I even avoided doing anything that might chip it.
Right Hand.
The shades themselves are gorgeous but I only wish I had bought them in the original OPI formula, which I think is far superior. I honestly will never use these polishes again and plan on either giving them away or throwing them out. I'm really annoyed that I didn't buy these shades in the regular formula because they are actually quite pretty.
OPI Infinite Shine in Made Your Look review swatch
OPI Infinite Shine in Made Your Look.
OPI Infinite Shine in Samoan Sand review swatch
OPI Infinite Shine in Samoan Sand.
OPI Infinite Shine in Stick To Your Burgundies review swatch
OPI Infinite Shine in Stick To Your Burgundies.
So there you have it... a thoroughly negative review. I don't tend to review products I don't like very much because I prefer to be positive here on my blog. I really felt the need to review these though because I wish I had known how terrible the formula was before I spent all that money on them. Comparing them to the Essie Gel Couture polishes I have recently fallen in love with, you should definitely save your money and spend them on Essie instead if you are looking for super shiny, long wearing polishes. Have you tried the Infinite Shine polishes? Was your experience as bad as mine? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I paid for these polishes myself. As always, my opinions are my own. 
8 comments on "OPI Infinite Shine Lacquer"
  1. I absolutely adore these polishes, they are probably some of my favourites ever!! Also teach me how you do your nails so perfectly haha

    Laura || x

    1. You liked the Infinite Shine ones? How did you get them to work. I hated these :/

  2. That's a disappointment when a product releases a range that can't beat the original. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm not a nail polish user, but I do love that burgundy shade. Shame about the streaking and the problems you faced.

    Lubz ||

    1. They definite broke something that wasn't broken. If you love the burgundy shade you should check out Essie Gel couture in Model Clicks or L'Oreal Huile Polish in Grenat Irreverant. Same shades, way better formula.

  3. Oh no! OPI are the best, so that's so disappointing that this range didn't live up to the high standards that they have. The nail polish application looks good on the first day- then again you always do a beautiful mani. So disappointing. Why do they try to fix something that ain't broke?

    1. Aw thanks! It has taken a lot of practice to get a decent mani technique haha.

  4. I have tried a few of these and I can't remember them chipping so fast but I did need to do 2-3 coats to get the coverage I like, which I don't normally have to do with the normal OPI polishes x

    1. Right!?!? I thought it was me at first but it is good to know other people had the same troubles.


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