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New Year Beauty Resolutions

Tuesday, 3 January 2017
2017 makeup beauty new year resolutions
With another new year comes another batch of resolutions. I am not one for resolutions for my general life because I never really stick to them but every year I make a few beauty resolutions for things I would like to change up in my routine. It is a fun way to get out of makeup ruts and to also commit to some of those more annoying beauty tasks you know you should do but don't.

I went back to revisit the resolutions I made last year (here) so lets take stock of how many I stuck to this year, shall we?
  • Wash my brushes every Saturday - Check! Believe it or not, I do usually wash my brushes every single weekend. It has become a lot faster and less annoying now that I have my Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and I always use my favourite Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge.  
  • Experiment with more colour - Ruh roh, I think this is one I failed a little bit with. I always tend to reach for the same neutral eyeshadows and pink lipsticks day after day which is a little boring. 
  • Apply daily body lotion - This is another one I failed with. I usually have a shower really late and I just want to go to bed. I need to shower earlier and not be so lazy!
  • Stop buying double ups - Success! I have become so much better with actually asking myself if I really need another pink lipstick. This has saved me a lot of money and also made me think about my collection and where the gaps actually are, instead of impulse buying all the time. 
  • Treat mah self! - I have definitely made time for more pampering whether it be DIY mani-pedis, facials, body scrubs or oils. I still don't have a bath which is a bummer but I think I have done well.
  • Nails that look like I give a damn! - I knew for sure that I had hit this one on the head when I went to work one day without nail polish on and one of my students remarked how odd it was that I wasn't wearing nail polish because I always do. Mission accomplished!
Four out of six ain't bad! And now for my resolutions for 2017...

Apply daily SPF to my arms
This one might sound odd but I have done a really good job with getting into the habit of applying a daily SPF on my face, especially now that I have one I love in Mecca's To Save Face Superscreen ($40). I have noticed though how much pigmentation and sun damage I have on the tops of my forearms which are exposed to the sun just as much as my face so I really want to commit to using sunscreen everyday on all my exposed skin because skin cancer and premature aging happens all over the body!

Experiment more with foundations
I always use my old faithful favourite Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation ($57) every single day and I am still totally in love with it but I always feel like I'm missing out a bit. It is really hard for me to find foundations because of my super dry pale skin so I've kind of given up trying new ones because I've found one that works so well. That said though, I need to branch out to try new formulas, even if it means using a white mixer. Who knows, there may be something even more incredible out there that I just don't know about yet!

Use more drugstore makeup
I have noticed lately that I use a lot of high end makeup which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I always want to maintain a balance on my blog so my posts fit all budgets. I don't want to be a makeup snob! It would also be good to find some drugstore gems too and save me a bit of money.

So I figured I would keep my list of beauty resolutions short this year so I have a better chance of sticking to them I think I can handle three! I would love to know what beauty resolutions you are making for the new year too, so leave me a comment down below.
1 comment on "New Year Beauty Resolutions"
  1. Great beauty resolutions Emma! The SPF one is one I need to work on too, face is great, the rest of me... not so much!

    Maddie |


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