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My MAC Lipstick Collection

Monday, 9 January 2017
mac lipstick creme cup angel lovelorn syrup girl about town impassioned ruby woo
I can't believe I've never done a round up of all my MAC lipsticks before! I really love MAC lipsticks because they have such an amazing range of shades and finishes to choose from. Every time I go to MAC to buy a new lipstick, I always find yet another great shade to fall in love with. Plus, while they aren't the cheapest lipsticks, there are certainly more affordable than most high end lipsticks at $36 each.

I have the following shades in my collection (left to right)...

mac lipstick creme cup angel lovelorn syrup girl about town impassioned ruby woo
Left to right: Creme Cup, Angel, Lovelorn, Syrup, Girl About Town, Impassioned and Ruby Woo.
  • Creme Cup - Creme cup is the most beautiful cremesheen light blue-toned pink. I use it all the time and it looks so amazing on tons of different skin tones. 
    mac lipstick cremesheen Creme Cup swatch
  • Angel - Angel is a gorgeous soft pink frost but it isn't too shimmery. I don't usually like frost formulas but this one is subtle and looks gorgeous on the lips.
  • Lovelorn - Wow, I have a lot of blue toned pinks. This is in my favourite lustre formula which is a beautiful and comfortable moisturising formula that also looks really glossy. I love it because it is great for everyday and is kind of a lipstick and gloss in one.
    MAC lipstick lustre Lovelorn swatch
  • Syrup -  Syrup is another lustre formula that is a beautiful mauvey pink. I tried Plumful and it was a bit too purple for me so I gave it to my mum but this one is fantastic. It is very nude on my lips and is a great everyday shade.
  • Girl About Town - This is an incredibly creamy and opaque true cool fuchsia pink in the amplified cream formula. I bought this when I was totally obsessed with Felicity Smoak's makeup on the TV show Arrow. She has a gorgeous signature fuchsia lip and I still love pulling this lipstick out when I want a more pah-pow lip colour. It is also more wearable than you would think.
    MAC lipstick amplified creme girl about town swatch
  • Impassioned - Impassioned is also an amplified creme formula and is a more neon fuchsia shade. It is very bright but again, very wearable. Don't be afraid of bright pinks! 
    MAC lipstick amplified creme impassioned swatch
  • Ruby Woo - This is a cult favourite for a reason. It is a gorgeous retro matte true blue toned red. Think classic red pin up lip. I adore the shade and while the lipstick formula can be a bit dry and hard to apply sometimes, it looks so gorgeous when applied with a crisp liner that I can get over that. It also lasts really well thanks to the matte formula. 
    MAC lipstick retro matte Ruby Woo swatch red
If I had to pick just one of these shades, it would definitely be Creme Cup. I wear it to death and it looks so good with tons of different makeup looks. I also have been loving Syrup lately because it is my newest but I think Ruby Woo is a must have for anyone who loves MAC lipsticks. I will definitely be buying more in the future so if you have any recommendations of shades I should get next, let me know in the comments below.
3 comments on "My MAC Lipstick Collection"
  1. Great picks! They're all so pretty!! <3


  2. Beautiful lipsticks! I love the look of Syrup. This has inspired me to a post on my mac lipstick collection too :)
    Holly x |

  3. LOVE! I have Creme Cup in a mini version! absolutely love it so far :) <3



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