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Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Friday, 9 December 2016
urban decay vice lipstick review swatches
When I received these new Urban Decay Vice Lipstick samples in my most recent Mecca Beauty Loop box, I knew I had to try them all out and do some lip swatches. I have heard a bit of buzz about these and the display in Mecca Maxima is simply gorgeous. Unfortunately when I tried to buy them, all the shades I wanted were sold out which just proves how popular they were when they were released, probably because of that fantastic $28 price tag. Hopefully they will be working on keeping things stocked up now that the craze has died down because there is an amazing range of shades and they are cheaper than MAC lipsticks.

The Urban Decay Vice lipstick range includes 100 shades which is absolutely incredible! They didn't do it a bit at a time either. Bam! Have 100 gorgeous shades. The displays in Mecca are incredible too, showing which of the 24/7 Glide On Lip Liners ($33) go with each shade. These lipsticks also come in 6 different formulas:
  • Mega matte: super intense matte
  • Comfort Matte: creamy, comfortable matte
  • Cream: original creamy formula
  • Metallized: cream with pearl or glitter
  • Sheer: a sheer, glossy finish
  • Sheer Shimmer: slightly sheer finish with pear and a smooth texture
urban decay vice lipstick review swatches
In this gorgeous little bubble sample pack I received 8 different shades which allowed me to try out all but the Sheer and Sheer Shimmer formulas. Here are the shades I was able to try out.
rban Decay Vice Lipstick Lip Swatches Swatch Backtalk 714 Firebird Big Bang Pandemonium Rock Steady Disturbed Conspiracy
Left to right, top to bottom:
  • Backtalk (Comfort Matte) - a beautiful muted pink matte. It is incredibly comfortable and very easy to apply. This one is my favourite!
  • 714 (Mega Matte) - a gorgeous, slightly blue toned red with a fairly comfortable matte formula. The application was somewhat patchy and it did take a little building up. The shade is similar to Ruby Woo but less opaque so I think MAC comes out on top. It does layer up well though. 
  • Firebird (Cream) - glossy and moderately sheer. This one was more wearable than I was expecting because it is a sheerer, beautiful berry shade but it was a tiny bit uneven in application.
  • Big Bang (Metallized) - a glitter pink lipstick without much underlying pigment. It is sort of like a glitter lip gloss but it would be longer lasting which makes it grate for a party or club lip. It is also surprisingly comfortable on the lips and is not at all gritty. I was very impressed with how easy it was to work with and apply and there is much more glitter in it that shoes up in the lip swatch.
  • Pandemonium (Mega Matte) - a bright purple matte. This is a really tricky formula to work with because it wasn't very opaque and needed to be layered up a lot. It also shifted around when layering which made it impossible to get a perfect finish. It is an interesting and unique colour but definitely not the best formula. I always find purples are tricky formulas. Maybe it is something to do with the pigment affecting an otherwise good formula.
  • Rock Steady (Cream) - a beautiful glossy deep oxblood red to give you an amazing twist on the classic red lip. I was really surprised by how beautiful and wearable it was and I really think this is one I need to buy in the full size.
  • Disturbed (Comfort Matte) - a deep wine matte. This one applied okay but it was a tiny bit patchy and needed to be built up. That said, it is a very comfortable matte formula. 
  • Conspiracy (Metallized) - a beautiful bronze/brown metallic which isn't isn't frosty or glittery like Big Bang but metallic. It applies beautifully (much better than it looks in the flash swatch) and is surprisingly comfortable on the lips with no gritty feeling.
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches Swatch Backtalk 714 Firebird Big Bang Pandemonium Rock Steady Disturbed Conspiracy
Left to right: Backtalk, 714, Firebird, Big Bang, Pandemonium, Rock Steady, Disturbed and Conspiracy.
So my favourite is definitely Backtalk which I need to buy in the full size, followed by Rock Steady. I really like the comfort matte but it seems like the deeper shades can get a tiny bit patchy. If you are looking for an everyday light/medium matte shade though, this would be a great formula to check out. There are quite a few comfort mattes in the lighter shades and I really want to try more! The Metallized are really good too if you are looking for a little something different, especially for a night out or special occassion. Honestly, all the formulas are good but sometimes the shades are a touch inconsistent. For example, 714 and Pandemonium are both Mega Mattes but the formula and opacity of 714 is far superior. I would say swatch away but for $28 this range is well worth checking out.

It is also worth noting that you get the same amount of product in these as MAC lipsticks for $8 less with a similarly impressive shade range. Don't get me wrong, I still love my MAC lippies but this an amazing new range to give MAC a run for their money! I can't wait to start collecting some full sizes, starting with Backtalk. Which one is your favourite from these swatches? Have you already purchased some Vice lipsticks that I should absolutely check out. Let me know in the comments below.
2 comments on "Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks"
  1. I actually think every single shade suits you Emma! The new UD lipsticks look awesome :)

    Maddie |

    1. They are definitely more wearable than I was expecting. Conspiracy is a bit much for me though haha



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