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Easy Christmas Nail Art That Anyone Can Do

Tuesday, 20 December 2016
Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle Christmas Nail Art Easy Tutorial Christmas Tree
It's the week of Christmas and it is time to get festive! I always see so many beautiful nail art tutorials at this time of the year but let's face it, some of them can be really tricky! I decided to do this fail proof nail art for the holidays and I promise anyone can achieve it for themselves.

First of all, paint your nails one solid festive colour. I went with my absolute favourite red from Smith & Cult in Kundalini Hustle but you can go with any shade you already have. After you have applied two coats, pop on a quick dry top coat and wait at least an hour! My favourite quick dry top coat at the moment is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat ($13.39). If you try to do the next step before it is completely dry you will pull up the base shade and it will be very frustrating because you will have to start over.
Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle nail swatch
Once you have your nail art canvas and have let it thoroughly dry, it's time to do your Christmas tree. Just pop some tape on to form a triangle. I also lay the tape on the back of my hand and rip it off a couple of times to reduce the stickiness so there is less of a chance of it disturbing the colour beneath. Then, just paint in the triangle with a green polish. I used the Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel in High Stakes ($16.95). Apply a thick enough coat that it is totally opaque and remove the take while the polish is still wet. Then, you know the drill! Let it dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. 90% of nail art is waiting around, I swear.
Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle Christmas Nail Art Easy Tutorial Christmas TreeSmith & Cult Kundalini Hustle Christmas Nail Art Easy Tutorial Christmas Tree
Then I just used a little dotting tool to add baubles to the tree. You can get the dotting tools on eBay or, in a pinch, you can just use a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin. I used Essie Good as Gold and Penny Talk for my baubles but you can use any polish. You can even pull out glitter flakes from a chunky glitter polish with a toothpick and use those. I just make a palette out of a bit of aluminium foil and put a dot of polish on it to dip my dotter in. 
Also, have a cotton pad soaked with polish remover to clean of your dotter tool between baubles. Finally just add a star! I had this gold star from some confetti which was absolutely perfect but when it comes to nail art, just have a hunt around and see what you find. To attach the star just dip one side in a little bit of top coat using tweezers and place it on the top of the tree. You can put a dot of top coat at the top of the tree and then add the star but it tends to smudge the top of the tree and make it a bit messy. If you can't find a gold star, you can even use a dot of metallic or glitter polish in a pinch. Then just wait til everything is thoroughly dry to reduce the chance of your design smearing. I actually did two top coats to seal in the star and reduce the sharp edges and gaps. Ta da! You're done.
Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle Christmas Nail Art Easy Tutorial Christmas Tree
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I know there are a ton way more talented nail artists out there but I tried to keep things simple because I'm not really that practiced with nail art. If I can do it, so can you! I hope you have a lovely Christmas and pretty please let me know if you try out this nail art.
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