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Trefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask

Friday, 4 November 2016
Trefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask Sheet Mask review
A while ago I reviewed the original Trefiel sheet mask and loved it because they have the most gorgeous lace pattern and are super hydrating. Trefiel just released a new Black & Gold collection of four targeted masks for particular skin concerns: firming, moisturising, repairing and brightening. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the firming mask to try out and report back to you.

The Trefiel masks use plant-based ingredients to provide some serious moisturisation in a cute lace mask. The Firming Mask in particular has hyaluronic acid, collagen and grape seed extract to pack a lot of hydration and re-plumping effects.
Trefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask Sheet Mask reviewTrefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask Sheet Mask review

The new mask releases have the same gorgeous lace pattern and gel feel to them. Basically, they feel and look exactly the same and it is the ingredients in the gel that have been revamped. They are split into two parts for the top and bottom of the face and are really comfortable to wear. The top part, in particular, is very comfy to wear and sits on the face nicely without sliding off. The bottom part succumbed to gravity a little more but was still easy enough to keep it on my face so I could still move around and do stuff with it on.
Trefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask Sheet Mask review
Hyaluronic acid is one of my favourite ingredients in skincare and it really helped in this mask to combat my chronically dehydrated skin. From the second I took off this mask, my skin felt really plump and moisturised. It definitely helped smooth out my skin and ease the texture issues I always seem to have because my skin is so dry and flaky. This is precisely why I love sheet masks, especially the Trefiel ones. By re-hydrating my skin and helping with my flaky texture, my makeup always apply smoother and looks way better. Even without makeup, my skin looks more radiant and healthy. This mask is just as great as I remember the original one being and I love that they are more targeted to particular skin concerns now so you can pick and choose the right one for you. I can't wait to try out the others.

If you want to out Trefiel for yourself, you can order these masks direct from the online store with free shipping. They are $9.95 each but you can also save a bit of money by buying multi-packs. There are 10 packs of each type ($69.95) or a great "New You Pack" which has all four new masks for $32.95. I think I will order this one personally so I can try out all the different masks and find my favourite. You can also buy Trefiel masks from Malouf Pharmacies which is convenient because there are quite a few around in Queensland.

Trefiel sheet masks are definitely one of my favourites and I will certainly keep buying and using them in the future. I usually like to do a sheet mask every week and these will be at the top of my rotation. If you buy in multi-packs they are actually quite affordable too, comparable in price to most of the other sheet masks out there at the moment. Let me know if you decide to try out these new masks from Trefiel because I would love to hear your thoughts on them too.
2 comments on "Trefiel Firming Lace Anti-Aging Hydromask"
  1. Oh what!? Totally didn't realise you could buy these from Malouf Pharmacies! Will definitely pick one up when I'm feeling like I need the extra TLC.

    Jacquelyn | hey there jacquelyn

    1. Yeah I didn't know until recently either. I will definitely be stopping by to get the new Brightening and Moisturising formulas.



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