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The Best 4 MAC Shadows That Made It Into My Travel Palette

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
MAC eye shadow eyeshadow pro palette 15 travel palette 4 pans best favourites
I use my big MAC 15 Eye Shadow Pro Palette very regularly for my daily makeup so I figured it would be a great idea to pick up a little Pro Colour X 4 Compact to put my favourite shades in for my holiday to Europe.

I purchased my big 15 shadow custom palette ages ago from the USA using the Comegateway mail forwarding service when the Aussie dollar was a lot better against the greenback. Even then it was really expensive, but it would cost me $435 to replace at Australian prices which is frankly bat crap insane and not worth it. I wish that MAC would reassess their pricing to be more in line with the USA and UK but I won't hold my breath. Needless to say, I didn't want to take the full palette with me and risk breaking or losing it so a 4 shadow compact was a great option. Also, I was actually surprised at how affordable the empty Pro Colour X 4 Compact was at $10 because the other palette options are really overpriced in Australia.
MAC eye shadow eyeshadow pro palette 15 travel palette 4 pans
For a full review with swatches of all 15 of my MAC shadows head over here, but for now I will focus on my favourite shades that made the cut into my travel palette. I decided to go for these 4 shades which, together, create a perfect everyday eye for me:
  • Grain: peachy champagne satin 
  • Naked Lunch: peach shimmer
  • Wedge: soft taupe matte
  • Mystery: plum brown matte
MAC eye shadow eyeshadow pro palette 4 pans Grain Naked Lunch Wedge Mystery travel quad

MAC eye shadow eyeshadow pro palette 4 pans Grain Naked Lunch Wedge Mystery travel quad swatch swatches
MAC Shadow Swatches (left to right): Grain, Naked Lunch, Wedge and Mystery.
I really wanted to include Era too, which is a gorgeous light nude brown satin, but these four combine for the perfect day look so I went with them. All in all, I love this little 4 shadow compact for travel. It is also a better option for those who want to dip their toe into MAC shadows because it is virtually impossible for most people to afford the 15 MAC custom palettes now at Australian pricing, me included. Another option is the pre-made Eyeshadow x 9 Palettes ($67) or the Eyeshadow x 15 Palettes ($135). The 9 palettes are available in tons of shades and you can get the full sized 15 palettes in either cool or warm neutral. You can't customise the shades but they are much better value. 

All in all, I'm really happy I purchased this little 4 shadow palette so I can take my favourite MAC shadows with me without the bulk and risk of taking the 15 shadow palette. I would love to know what your favourite MAC eye shadow shades are so leave me a message in the comments below.
5 comments on "The Best 4 MAC Shadows That Made It Into My Travel Palette"
  1. Oh I need to get a little quad palette to put shade in to travel.. But then I have heaps of travel sized palettes too.. haha I love the shade choices!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

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