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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions: First Impressions

Wednesday, 2 November 2016
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 200 gram silk touch 20 inch silky chocolate brown review first impressions
Irresistible Me recently reached out to me and offered to send me some hair extensions so I jumped at the chance to try them out. Don't worry though, I accepted them without obligation so my opinions will always be my own. I have never used hair extensions before so choosing and ordering them was a bit daunting. The website makes it pretty easy though and I used this video to help me choose the right colour as well as this photo to choose the right length. It was all actually really easy.

I already have quite long hair so I went for more volume rather length. I love the look of super voluminous big waves with tons of hair so I figured these extensions would be a great way to achieve that. In the end, I decided on the Silky Touch 200 gram, 20 inch long extensions in Silky Chocolate Brown (available here).
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 200 gram silk touch 20 inch silky chocolate brown review first impressions
When I first opened up my little package I noticed right away that the colour looked like a great match for me. It is a smidge darker than my entirely natural hair colour, especially at the ends where I have a little bit of lightening from the sun but overall, they match great. 
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 200 gram silk touch 20 inch silky chocolate brown review first impressions
I really loved that the package comes with the main extensions in one sealed part and a small sample weft in another so you can try out colour and length and check the quality without opening the main package. This means you can still return them or exchange your choice as long as the main part is still sealed and the security seal in tact. It's a great idea and gives buyers great peace of mind.
As for the quality, I am totally new to hair extensions but these Silk Touch extensions live up to their name. They are very smooth and feel quite silky to the touch. I also really like the solid clips in them which clipped in really easily. It's also worth noting that I got 200 grams and there feels like there is a lot of hair. I'm pretty sure that putting them in will at least double the amount of hair I have. 
While I haven't fully tried them on yet and properly styled them, I definitely will. So far my first impression is that they feel nice and the colour is great. I did notice quite a bit of shedding though when I was straightening them out with my finger combing so I will have to monitor that to see how many strands fall out. Stay tuned for my full review when I will try them on and style them to see how they look. In the meantime though, here is a summary of my first impressions.

  • Silky feel
  • Great colour that is true to the site photos
  • The clips feel great and are really sturdy
  • At $199 for 200 grams of 20" extensions, these seem like a comparatively affordable option to a lot of the other extension brands out there. They also have sales and offers a lot. Right now, the extensions I got are $50 off. 
  • Quite a few strands have already fallen out
  • There was a tiny bit of fluff and random stuff caught up in the extensions
  • It looks like they thin a bit towards the end which may result in a bit too much volume at the roots where I don't need it, instead of the ends where I do. I will need to experiment more though, especially since I'm really wanting to make them look more natural.
Stay tuned for my full review where I will be sure to include a lot of photos to let you see how these extensions look for yourself. Since I'm new to styling and using extensions, leave your tips below. Also, if you have any specific questions about these extensions, let me know in the comments as well so I can be sure to answer them in my full review.
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