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Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil

Friday, 11 November 2016
I recently received this beautiful bath & shower oil from Aromatherapy Associates which was perfect timing considering I just finished my thesis and really needed to destress. Aromatherapy Associates is a luxury bath and skincare product brand that is available at Sephora Australia and, while I never really heard of it before, I was really keen to try it out. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a bathtub in my tiny studio apartment so I took it with me when I went to visit my mum. To add the oil to the bathtub, you literally only need a tiny capful for a full bath which I was a little skeptical about but it was really plenty. My entire bathroom smelled incredible! I really love that you can use it in the shower too, because I think that there are a lot of us that don't have baths. 

I will admit to being a bit shocked at the $92 price tag of this little guy but it is good for more than 20 baths which works out to $4.60 per bath. That actually makes it cheaper than a Lush bath bomb for example. It smells absolutely incredible and really helped me to wind down with scent of frankincense, petitgrain, chamomile and rosemary. I got into the bath with a stress headache and just generally feeling blah after a crazy busy day and it made me feel so much better. What I was most surprised by though was how moisturising a little capful of this oil made my entire bath. I could feel the oils on my skin in the bath and they left my skin incredibly soft afterwards.
Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil Luxury review

While this Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil is pricey, it is incredibly luxurious with it's frosted minimal glass bottle. Also, when you look at it from a price per bath perspective, it is cheaper than most bath bombs out there. I really really loved this, more than pretty much any bath product I have used before which really helps me to justify the price too. The only bath product I have tried that I might like more is the Lush Butterball ($5.95), simply because it soothes my exceptionally dry skin, but this bath & shower oil definitely smells way better and I can also use it in the shower so I love them for different reasons.

Because it is so gorgeous and luxurious, I think this would be a perfect christmas gift for someone who really takes their relaxation bath time seriously. I also noticed that they are selling a bunch of gorgeous little packs for christmas at Sephora Australia including this Minature Bath and Shower Oil Collection of 10 different scents for $82 which would make the perfect gift.

I would love to know if you have tried out Aromatherapy Associates and what other products you would recommend from the range because I definitely want to try more. After all, there is nothing more relaxing than a good bath and sometimes you just have to treat yourself!
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