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You Know You're A Beauty Blogger When...

Monday, 17 October 2016
I have been blogging for over two years now and I still really love it. As I started to take my blog more seriously, I found myself thinking about weird little neuroses and oddities that no normal, sane person thinks about. When you have been blogging long enough, it really becomes part of your everyday thought process and habit. Whether you are a beauty blogger or not, I thought it might still be a bit of fun to do something a little different and share all those odd little beauty blogger thoughts I have on a regular basis...

1. You break a nail and your first thought is either: "Thank God it wasn't my nail swatch hand" or; "NOOOOOOO... My nail swatch hand!"
Stumpy lil' nails never look as good in swatch photos
2. You find yourself cursing the production that is blog photos. Why do photography lights have to be so big and cumbersome to set up and why do I find myself having to set them up everyday, even when I try so hard to be organised?
Behind the scenes: polished Insta photos are always a carefully crafted illusion.
3. You do some seriously high stakes gambling when you put off taking a nail swatch photo and pray that it won't chip before you finally get around to taking the damn photo.
Just in time!
4. Shopping trips will always involve prowling through the Kmart home decor section for new flat lay props.
Kmart is BAE!
5. Speaking of shopping, your boyfriend is exceptionally familiar with the boyfriend chair at your local Mecca, Sephora, Myer, etc. He doesn't even roll his eyes or try to pull you away anymore. Instead, he just resignedly trudges up to those pearly gates with you and waits it out.

6. When you meet up with friends to get ready to go out together, your makeup case is just a little bit larger and heavier and more insane than theirs. Yes... you are also aware you have a problem but it could be worse; you could be addicted to crack instead of Sephora.
What do you mean I "brought to much"?
7. Your friends use 5 products and 3 brushes to do their makeup and your makeup mess everyday looks more like a Mecca store violently exploded.
Instagram is a lie.
8. Never... enough... storage. Your life is a constant cycle of running out of space, having bags and boxes stashed everywhere, having a boyfriend that complains about said boxes everywhere, clearing stuff out to give to family & friends and then ending up in the exact same place again. Lather, rinse, repeat. You really can't complain though, it is a pretty awesome problem to have!

9. Your phone camera roll looks like this... There are a few pictures of my cats somewhere in there, I swear!

10. Getting ready in the morning also entails pausing for random Snaps and swatch photos of new products: bare lashes photo, curled lashes with mascara photo, before and after brows. You get the idea.
I truly hope I am not the only one to have these weird thoughts on daily basis. For all you beauty bloggers out there, let me know if you have the same neuroses as me so I don't feel quite so nuts. If you aren't a beauty blogger, I hope you have enjoyed this window into the weird in any case.
3 comments on "You Know You're A Beauty Blogger When..."
  1. Hahaha these are all so true! I must be a beauty blogger I can relate to all of these especially numbers 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9! Great post :) x (Marisa Robinson @marisarobinson.mua)

  2. Love these and can relate to all of them haha!

    Jasmine /

  3. This is literally me in a post!

    Maz |


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