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Friday, 17 June 2016
boe professional review makeup
I was lucky enough to receive a whole bunch of Boe Professional goodies at the Bloggers United event I went to a couple of weeks ago. Boe Professional is an exclusive Big W brand that specialises in a very comprehensive range of affordable makeup. Boe actually has two exclusive ranges at Big W: Boe Beauty which is very affordable at around $2 per item whereas Boe Professional is a step up in quality and the prices range from about 5-15 dollars.

Boe Professional Pro Finish Base Primer $9.95
Boe Professional Pro Finish Base Primer review
This is a very creamy, moisturising primer that feels quite different from your usual silicon based primers. Honestly, I still prefer my more silicone based primers because they dry down at don't feel and look oily on the skin like this one kind of did. Don't get me wrong, It wasn't bad, but for the money I think I would rather stick with my equally affordable long time favourite, the Face of Australia Face Base Primer ($11.95).

Boe Professional Contour Cream Stick in Contour and Highlight $9.95 each
Boe Professional Contour Cream Stick in Contour and Highlight review

Cream contouring products, especially sticks, are incredibly hard to find at the drugstore so I was really excited about these. The packaging is really good on these and the stick style product is always a really convenient. They are also quite opaque and pigmented as well. I did quite like the contour one because it was a reasonably balanced and doesn't pull too warm, even on my pale skin. It also blended quite well although it is a "harder" cream formula that can take a little more blending. All in all though I like the contour shade, especially for the price and considering the severe shortage of these kinds of products at an affordable price point. Of course the Smashbox Contour Stick Trio ($67) has a nicer formula, but they are also hidiously expensive so I think this one represents good value for money. Unfortunately though, I just didn't like the highlighter shade. It is very yellow and quite hard to blend. It also just looks really heavy and doesn't really glow, it is just light in colour. I much prefer a very finely milled shimmer for a more natural "glow from within" highlight.

Boe Professional Contour Cream Stick in Contour and Highlight review swatch swatches

Boe Professional Contour Blending Brush
Boe Professional Contour Blending Brush review
Annoyingly I couldn't find the price for this one anywhere and my local Big W didn't have it when I looked but I think it is around the 15 dollar mark. This brush is actually a little bit of a stand out among the products here. I used this to blend the cream contour stick and it worked like a dream. The bristles are incredibly soft and actually very dense considering the affordability of the brush. Most really inexpensive brushes I try have a lot sparser bristles than their high end counter parts, but not this one! The bristles are cut ever so slightly unevenly on my brush which does give away the cheap price tag a bit but all in all it is a solidly constructed brush with great bristles and I would definitely recommend it.

Boe Professional Colour Pro Contour & Highlight Palette in Medium $12.95
Boe Professional Colour Pro Contour & Highlight Palette in Medium review
Continuing the trend with awesome contouring products, I actually really like this one. The contour powder is very pigmented and blends well. I also like that it isn't too warm and it looked quite natural once I had blended it into my pale skin. The highlight powder is beautiful too but it is worth noting that it is a very subtle highlighter. I think this is actually a good thing because it makes it more suitable for everyday. I think that for the price and for those on a budget, this is an excellent choice for everyday bronzing/contouring and highlighting.
Boe Professional Colour Pro Contour & Highlight Palette in Medium review swatch swatches

Boe Professional Precision Wind-Up Brow Pencil in Natural to Medium $9.95
Boe Professional Precision Wind-Up Brow Pencil in Natural to Medium review swatch swatches
This one was a little light for me but I still tried it out on one of my days at home for you guys. The crayon formula of this one is very soft which has its pros and cons. On the pro side, it applies quickly and blends very easily when you brush it through with a spoolie. The con is though that the soft formula blended out a little too much for me and I was't able to get the definition I liked. My brows ended up looking bigger than I would like and a bit fuzzy if that makes sense. Because I have a lot of gaps I need something with more precise definition but if you like to just quickly pencil in some colour and brush it through without being too fussy this one might be perfect to you.

Boe Professional Complete Brow Kit in Medium to Dark $12.95
Boe Professional Complete Brow Kit in Medium to Dark review
Unfortunately this brow kit follows the same trend as many other affordable brands and is just way too red toned. I could only really see this working on those with dark red/auburn hair. I always prefer an ashier toned brow and a lot of great shades even have a green undertone in them which sounds weird but actually looks really natural. As you can see from the bare brow and filled in brow comparison, the undertone is just way too warm. It's a pity because at such an affordable price and with such huge generous pans I really wanted to like this one.
Brows with Brow Kit (left) and bare brows. 
Boe Professional Tinted Brow Gel in Natural to Medium $9.95
Boe Professional Tinted Brow Gel in Natural to Medium review
I did quite like this one because it is very pigmented so it really shows up on your brows. It doesn't seem to have any fibres in it like some others but it still builds up the brows a little bit for a more natural look. My only criticism is that the brush is actually a bit big and it is hard to get it right where I wanted it. I definitely had to do some clean up. For that reason I probably prefer the Essence Make Me Brow Gel because it has a teeny tiny brush that is so much easier to apply with. Maybe I'm just messy though.

Boe Professional Brow and Lash Brush $9.95
Boe Professional Brow and Lash Brush review
I'll be honest... I never actually use the lash comb bit of these kind of brushes but it is always handy to have another spoolie brush. I was impressed by the quality construction of this brush and it feels very sturdy. Admittedly, I would have rather it be a brow brush with a spoolie on one end and a small, stiff angled brush on the other but that is just personal preference. If you like this kind of brush or are looking to pick one up, this is a great affordable option.

So there you have my overview of Boe Professional and some of the brow and contouring products they offer. There were some hits and some misses but I think that this brand is well worth checking out and having a bit of a swatch with next time you are in Big W. I have heard great things about their lipsticks and I really want to pick up the "Jordy" nail polish that the gorgeous Jordy Cannon of Jordy's Beauty Spot collaborated to create. I would love to have my own signature nail polish!

I hope you enjoyed my review and I would love to hear what other Boe Professional products you have tried from the range and would recommend.
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  1. If you get the chance, try out their eyeliners! I found them to be pretty impressive considering the price!

    Maz | |

    1. I will definitely put them on my shopping list for when NYX hits my local Priceline :)



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