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Friday, 6 May 2016
Superfood Hair Mask Masque Haircare Hydrate Manuka Honey & Coconut Oil Heal Acai Berry & Argan Oil Shine Macadamia Oil review
I always love trying out great Aussie products so when I saw these on Instagram I was really keen to give them a go! This Superfood 3 step hair masque system is designed to give you beautiful, strong and moisturised hair. I use a hair masque at least once a week so I am always on the lookout for good ones and these didn't disappoint.

The adorable little 3 step box pack costs $39.95 which I think is quite reasonable since it includes 3 different masques of 80mL. It is definitely a more high end salon brand but the quality more than lives up to the price. They are also available from Stefan Salons nationwide. 

There are 3 steps to this system
  1. Hydrate: Manuka Honey & Coconut Oil
  2. Heal: Acai Berry & Argan Oil
  3. Shine: Macadamia Oil
They are designed to be used one after the other. Basically you wash you hair and use this first mask and then 2-3 later when you wash your hair again you use the next mask and so on. It is more like a week long treatment that you can repeat whenever you want to. This was exactly how I used them and I was quite impressed.

Superfood Hair Masque Mask Hydrate: Manuka Honey & Coconut Oil review
I did notice a significant increase in my hair's softness and moisture levels after using the Hydrate Manuka Honey & Coconut Oil masque. Coconut Oil is one of my favourite ingredients in hair care because it is light but very moisturising. I didn't notice any heavy residue at all afterwards and my hair didn't get oily any faster than normal.This one also smells incredible and very much of coconut while the honey scent is much more subtle.

Superfood Hair Masque Mask Heal: Acai Berry & Argan Oil review
The Heal Acai Berry & Argan Oil masque was probably my favourite, possibly because it smelled like Hubba Bubba gum. In all seriousness though it really did repair my hair while leaving it very strong and moisturised. I personally prefer other oils than Argan oil for hair because I dislike the smell and it is often a lot heavier which can leave my hair feeling greasy much quicker. This mask wasn't at all like that though and I still went my usual 3 days between washes.

Superfood Hair Masque Mask Shine: Macadamia Oil review
Finally, the Shine Macadamia Oil completed the 3 step system. I will say that I didn't really notice extra shine - maybe because my hair is already pretty healthy. This masque definitely did leave my hair softer though and rinsed out very easily. Even though it didn't give me extra shine, it is still really lovely. This one is probably my least favourite so far as smell because it basically smells of really strong caramel but I'm just the weirdo who doesn't like caramel so it probably won't bother anyone else.

I generally take really good care of my hair and take pride in keeping it shiny and healthy. Because of this (and my addiction to high end haircare) I expect a lot out of any new products I try and these ones have lived up. I will definitely keep using them and would recommend you check them out. I think the system would be particularly good for those with dry hair who love fun scents but the light oil formulas mean that they would still work really well on oilier hair types looking to provide hydration and strength.

Basically, I really loved testing out these products. Will you be putting in an online order or picking them up at your local Stefan Salon? Let me know in the comments below. I would also love to know what hair masques you have been loving lately because I'm always looking to try new ones.
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  1. I've been looking at their products for a while now, but this definitely convinced me to try them out! The packaging is so cute and my hair could always use a bit more TLC considering I pop into a bun the moment I'm awake! Thank you for the review, I love hearing about the experiences others have with products

    Maz |


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