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Sunday, 13 March 2016
So I'm sure we have all seen the Thin Lizzy ads and honestly I always thought the whole brand was a bit gimicky but I decided to give it a chance. This new 7 Peice Loose Minerals Starter Kit ($59.99) is a great way to try out a lot of different products in the range for way less than it would cost to buy them individually. The Light pack comes with one Concealer Crème in Light, 2 Mineral Foundations in Oriental Doll and Duchess, a 6 in 1 Professional Powder in Light, an Airbrush Mineral Veil and 2 Full Coverage Application Brushes.

So first for a bit of product cost breakdown compared to the full sized products...
  • Concealer Crème (7.5mL) in Duchess valued at $14.99 
  • 2 Mineral Foundations (3g each) in Oriental Doll and Duchess valued at $16
  • 6 in 1 Professional Powder (2g) in Light - $5.33
  • Airbrush Mineral Veil (2g) - $6.67
  • 2 Full Coverage Application Brushes - $39.98
That means this pack has an included value of $83.07 which means the $59.99 price tag is very reasonable.

The Concealer Crème ($29.95) was a bit odd for me because it is incredibly dark, especially considering it is one of the two lightest shades in the range. I know I am exceptionally pale and a lot of concealers don't run light enough for me but even compared to the mineral foundation shades this is still really dark which you can see in the comparison swatch below. I tried it out though on my days at home and it actually gave some really nice coverage, especially over spots and was a very creamy formula. If only they made it a little lighter. 

The Mineral Foundations ($39.99) comes in two shades in this pack. Duchess is ever so slightly darker and warmer/pinker than Oriental Doll. I'm really pale with neutral undertones so Oriental Doll was a better match for me. Honestly, this had a really weird finish in my opinion. It is somewhat metallic but not in a good luminous finish way. Because of the slight all over shiny finish it actually looks quite heavy too. I really think there are better mineral foundation powders out there, especially for the price.

If we are being honest, the 6 in 1 Professional Powder ($39.99) ads always made me scoff a bit because a powder can't be a all over powder and a bronzer, it just can't. You will end up looking really dark in the face if you use it absolutely all over. That said though, I wish they would just call this a bronzer because it is actually a really good one. I was pleasantly surprised but the really natural looking bronze shade and it also blended really well. I'll happily keep using this as a bronzer for shaping and warming up the face.

The Airbush Mineral Veil ($39.99) is another confusing one when it comes to marketing as well because a mineral powder foundation does not need a setting powder. It is a completely redundant step. That said though, it is a nice setting powder that I have used to finish my liquid foundations. Again, for the price I would rather use my old favourite Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder ($20.00) but it is still a nice option.

Left to right: Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme, Mineral Foundation in Oriental Doll, Mineral Foundation in Duchess, Airbrush Veil and 6 in 1 Professional Powder.
So there you have my full review. I didn't love every product but some were a lot better than I was expecting. I would particularly recommend the Concealer Creme if you can find a colour match and perhaps the 6 in 1 Professional Powder if you prefer a loose bronzer. 

Stay Rosy.
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