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That's Pinteresting: Pinterest for Beauty Addicts

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
I have been obsessed with Pinterest for years but I have just recently been getting really into extending my blog on the that platform. If you haven't seen my boards, I have a whole bunch of them dedicated to my posts, my swatches, products on my wishlists, the blogs I follow and lots of makeup inspo. There are so many great makeup and beauty related things you can do with Pinterest so I thought I'd share them with you.

Now there are a few ways you can build some beauty boards for yourself. You can browse the existing pins in the Pinterest app or website, you can browse the net within Pinterest to find new ones or you can install a Pinterest extension (Safari or Chrome) that allows you to turn any image into a Pin while you are browsing the net. Many blogs and websites also have a Pinterest code embedded so when a visitor hovers their mouse over a picture, it comes up with a "Pin It" option in the top left corner. Try it with this picture from my Smith & Cult polish review...

I have a Pinterest profile just for my blog where I can keep track of everything beauty in one place and share it with you at the same time. I always pin every new post so if you are really active on Pinterest and always checking in, following my "My Posts" board is a great way to make sure you don't miss anything. It is also way easier and quicker to scroll back through my posts on Pinterest.

I also use Pinterest to keep all my makeup swatches and nail polish swatches in one easy to view place. I am working on a searchable swatch and quick review database on my website but until that happens, Pinterest does all the hard work for me.

All that said though, Pinterest isn't just a good tool if you are a blogger. It is great for any beauty addict! Have you ever been looking through a blog or even an online store thinking to yourself "OMG, I need that"? Do what I do and keep a Makeup Wishlist Pinterest board so you have a shopping list at the ready next time you feel like treating yo' self. I even have one for nail polishes too.

You can also keep track of all your inspo pictures in one place that is easy to refer to when you need some makeup porn to give you ideas. I have been building my Look Book on Pinterest for ages and it never fails me when I want to try something a little different. There is also nail art galore on Pinterest so if you are into it, a Nail Inspo board is fun too.

Finally, I used to have all the blogs I follow saved in a favourites folder on my laptop but it was annoying because I couldn't remember them all when I was browsing on my phone while I was out and about. Pinterest to the rescue! I now have a board filled with all the lovely ladies I follow. They create some awesome content so check them out.

As you can see, it is almost like Pinterest was made for beauty bloggers and addicts. It is the perfect place to keep everything in one place and I have been completely obsessed lately. If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, you should really check it out but proceed with caution. It is addictive! You can find my Pinterest profile by clicking this link or you can also search "rdisposition" or "Rosy Disposition" and you will see me. Let me know if you are already obsessed with pinning beauty things on Pinterest in the comments below so I can follow you as well!

Stay Rosy.
3 comments on "That's Pinteresting: Pinterest for Beauty Addicts"
  1. I am just getting into Pinterest as well! I used it really heavily on a personal level (for crafting and such) but there is a whole new world to beauty in Pinterest. I'll go follow you now ;)

    Kate |

    1. I followed you back :) I used to use it heaps to for fashion, decor, recipes, etc. I have only been really using it for my blog a little while but so far, so good.


  2. Ooh I spot my blog in the last image! Haha :) I love using Pinterest to find makeup & nail inspiration!

    Ella | Pink Lemonde and Makeup


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