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TBX: The Beauty Exchange

Friday, 22 January 2016
This brand new Australia based online store just launched a fantastic range of their very own makeup brushes, hair styling and manicure tools. Everything is just so so sleek and sexy and I had to opportunity recently to try out a few things from their range. They are also offering free shipping Australia wide until the 31st of March so now is definitely the time to check out TBX. 

First of all... their brushes! From the second I unwrapped these I was a little bit in love. They look very sleek and feel so much more expensive than they are. Best of all they all have magnetic bottoms which means you can display them on a gorgeous metal plate or cube
They really remind me of the Rae Morris magnetic end brushes. It is such an amazing idea for drying too because you can easily stick them upside down to something metal to dry - I use my kitchen range hood. The one tiny downside is that you can't really store them in cups because all the ends stick to each other and also to the metal ferrules as you pull them out. But when they magnetic storage cube looks that cool, why would you store them in cups? I also really like that instead of having an insane range of millions of brushes they went with a well thought out range of 12 to cover all your bases.

Foundation Buffing Brush $22.95
First of all, at only 2 cm in diameter I really think this is too small to be called a foundation brush. It would take forever to apply foundation all over your face with this. That said though, it is amazing for all other cream or liquid formula face products you need to apply in smaller areas like highlighter, blush, concealer, bronzer or even concealer. The bristles are extremely soft and very densely packed which makes this an excellent little face buffer brush.

Stippling Brush $22.95
This is a really decently sized brush and honestly, a total bargain at just over twenty bucks. I loved applying thin layers of my primer and foundation with this brush for a light and airbrushed look. It is very soft and plenty big enough to quickly apply your entire base. The sparser stippling bristles give a lighter but still flawless coverage while also using less product than a dense buffing brush. I can really see this becoming an staple brush for me. 

Kabuki Brush $24.95
This is quite simply a lovely kabuki brush. The bristles are very dense and incredibly soft. It is quite large and sturdy too which makes it feel like it is much more expensive than it is. I used this to apply setting powder all over my face and also buff my highlighter, blush and contour combo in for a flawlessly blended finish. If you need a big powder kabuki brush this is one of the nicest ones out there, especially for the price.

Eyebrow Makeup Brush $14.95
I know a lot of brands have this kind of brush and I don't really get them. I used to have one and I never used it. The comb part is pretty useless and while the brush is good, I usually prefer to brush my brows into shape with a spoolie. I really think the Brow Definer Brush ($14.95) would be a better buy if you had to get a brush for your brows. It comes down to personal preference though so if you like this kind of brush it is a great one, again with the super handy magnetic end and sleek black handle. 

In addition to a truly beautiful range of brushes, TBX also has tons of beauty accessories. Their bobby pins are great value at $9.95 for 100 in a handy little metal tin. The are also way better quality than Lady Jayne and the other generic sort of brands you pick up in chemists and supermarkets. I wasn't the biggest fan of the nail clippers because the black casing is actually all plastic which makes them feel a little cheap and flimsy considering they cost $9.95. On the other hand, the tweezers are fantastic though oddly these particular ones don't seem to be on the website. They do have similar ones with a little brow comb built into the handle though. 

Overall, I am seriously impressed with this range. The products are generally very good quality (just with the exception of the nail clippers) and the chic black appearance means they look great on your dresser too. The standout for me are the brushes though and I would probably sacrifice a less vital organ to have the whole set and that gorgeous little storage cube. Hopefully I can order a couple before the free shipping runs out.

Do you like the look of any of the new TBX products? Will you be picking up a few to take advantage of the free shipping? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy. 
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