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Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Haircare

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
I have been trying out these haircare products by Marc Anthony for the last few weeks with great results. After running out of my all time favourite Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture shampoo and conditioner, these babies certainly had a tough act to follow. I have to say though, at half the price they really impressed me.
These retail for $16.99 each and can be purchased at both Priceline and Target. They are in the same price range as lines like John Frieda and with the same overall aim; great quality hair care that doesn't break the bank. These were the first I had ever tried from Marc Anthony and I really think I need to keep exploring the range.

This range is packed with ingredients like collagen, biotin and silica to strengthen and plump the hair while also being colour safe and sulfate free. According to the spiel, this range is supposed to give you fuller, thicker hair with a "superior thickening formula with Pro-Collagen [which] expands and plumps each hair strand." Pretty bold claims. I was actually surprised by how well this worked. I have tried good volumising shampoos and conditioners in the past which left my hair nicely moisturised and completely weightless so styling was much easier and lasted longer. This one is different though, and seemed to noticeably plump up my hair. This was particularly obvious when I curled my hair and it had way more body and bounce. 
The one teeny tiny downside is that it isn't the most moisturising combo I have ever used so it is a bit of a trade off. It certainly doesn't leave my hair dry but I do notice more overall softness from the John Frieda 7 Day Volume and (especially!) the Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture volume ranges I have tried. That said though, they don't give as much volume. Weirdly, I also noticed that my hair kinked a bit more than usual after using this range which is probably just a result of having less oils weighing it down which is exactly what you want when trying to create voluminous hair. Just make sure you avoid the ponytails at bed time with this one.
Shampoo Ingredients

Conditioner Ingredients
For the noticeable plumping this range gives while still being pretty affordable, especially compared to the salon brands I have been addicted to lately, I really liked this shampoo and conditioner combo. If you are looking for tons of volume and you have fine-normal hair that is otherwise pretty manageable this one is definitely for you. It won't give you tons of frizz control or repair really damaged hair but boy will it fatten up your hair. 

Will you be picking these up to try? Have you tried anything else from the Marc Anthony range that I need to suss out? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy. 
5 comments on "Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Haircare"
  1. I haven't tried Marc Anthony before but this sounds like it may actually suit my hair. I'll have to check them out!

    Tahana <3

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