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Benefit Cheek Tints

Sunday, 10 January 2016
Some of the first high end products I ever purchased were Benefit tints and they have been a staple in my makeup collection ever since. I particularly love them for really light makeup days where I want a pop of colour or highlight that blends seamlessly into the skin and really does last all day.

Benefit High Beam $45.00
I have had all of these for ages and I don't think they will ever run out so they certainly are an investment. I definitely use High Beam a lot in particular because it is really versatile not only as a highlighter, but I also love using it all over as a luminiser mixed with my foundation. I really do love liquid highlighters because they tend to look more natural and "lit from within" than powders which you can always sort of see on top of the skin no matter how high quality or well blended they are. It is also super easy to dot this over the high points of my face and blend in for really rushed days.

Benefit Benetint $55.00
This is actually one of the first products Benefit ever made and it was requested by an exotic dancer who needed something to make her areolas rosy pink. The things you learn, huh? I really like this because it is very thin and doesn't dry down super fast which gives you plenty of time to blend it in without it going splotchy. With all the Benetints you are meant to dot them on and then blend instead of painting on in strokes which can cause blotchy application. I have always found the original Benetint really easy to use and the rosy pink colour is gorgeous and quite universal.

Benefit PosieTint $55.00
Described as a petal pink, this one is quite a bit more bubblegum pink but still really pretty. Interestingly, it is quite a different formula to the Benetint. It is much more gel like in consistency while the Benetint is definitely very liquid. Because it is thicker it does tend to dry faster giving you less play time. I have never had too much trouble but you definitely need to do one cheek at a time with this one to leave yourself enough time to blend. Also, I always found fingers were the only thing to work blending this one in whereas with the Benetint and High Beam I can use fingers or any stippling or buffing brush. 

Left to right: Benetint (heavy and blended), Posietint (heavy and blended) and High Beam (heavy and blended).
If you were only going to pick up one tint I would recommend the original Benetint over Posietint because it is easy to work with and more universally flattering colour but they are both gorgeous. The High Beam is also really worth picking up, especially if you are pale and have trouble finding a highlighter bright enough that doesn't pull too gold or warm. All in all though, I love the formulas and they always look beautifully natural and perfectly blended into the skin. I've also always wanted to try the Lollitint which is the lilac/pink one (great for my pale skin) but for now I will stick with these beauties.

Do you have your own collection of Benefit tints already? I'd love to know your opinions of some of the other ones, many of which are made for warmer and darker skin tones so I haven't tried them. Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy.
3 comments on "Benefit Cheek Tints"
  1. Among the 3 products I own Rosie, I like high beam the best hehe. I find that bene tint & posie tint need more for those who love the subtle look. For instance, if you watch any Kpop or Korean drama, most actresses have minimal makeup & in Korea there's heaps of product similar to the tints. It's not for me but for those who like the fresh no makeup look, they would love this product :)

    Bold | Expression ~ Hana | Bold Expression

  2. I’ve tried the Benetint before and it’s got the most natural flush. Most people assume that I’m just flustered when I’m wearing it! The pigment blends very nicely.


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