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Favourite Summer Nail Polish Shades

Saturday, 19 December 2015
To follow on from my Manicure Tools and Tips post, I wanted to let you guys know which polish shades I have been loving recently. I am a total Essie addict so it is little wonder that they dominate but I also have a few favourites from Butter London and Rimmel.

Essie Lady Like $16.95
This is one of those beautifully flattering colours that is still really neutral and work appropriate. It has cool mauve undertones and gives a great alternative to the never-ending nudes and pinks while still being very understated. I have paired it here with the Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above ($16.95) as the accent nail.
Essie Fiji $16.95
I love this shade because unlike a lot of the lighter pinks in the Essie range, it is completely opaque in two coats. It is a gorgeous pastel pink that isn't at all bubblegum but still very girly. I actually get really good wear out of this particular shade too. The accent nail here is a Jamberry wrap that seems to have been discontinued.
Essie Splash of Grenadine $16.95
This is definitely a shade I wouldn't normally wear but I picked it up on a whim because it is so popular and I love it! It is a gorgeous, bright purple that isn't too over powering. It is so wearable unlike a lot of dark purples and absolutely perfect over spring/summer.
Butter London Slapper $22.00
I actually saw Lisa Eldridge wearing this in one of her videos and specifically went out looking for it. It is a gorgeous bright teal shade that, like Splash of Grenadine, is still very wearable. The formula of the Butter London polishes are great too. 
Butter London Tart With A Heart $22.00
This has got to be my favourite accent nail glitter polish in my entire collection. It has a gorgeous mix of pink, gold and holographic glitter in two different sizes. It applies like a dream, wears fantastically and perfectly matches any neutral, pink or even cool toned polish.
Rimmel Rain Rain Go Away $5.95
I have always been a huge fan of Essie Chinchilly so I went looking for a lighter version for summer and found this great shade. I was so impressed with the formula, dry time, longevity and the great easy application flat brush; all for less than 6 bucks (you can always get it on sale too). It is easily on par quality-wise with my Essie, Butter London and OPI polishess. I really need to buy more actually. This is the perfect lighter "greige" shade and I really think this is a great on-trend colour that looks good on anyone.

So there you have some of my favourite Summer nail polish shades. Of course, I have so many others that I love because I will be the first to admit that my nail polish collection is out of control. Do you have a favourite Summer shade you go back to again and again? Let me know because I am always on the look out for unique and beautiful nail polish.

Stay Rosy.
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