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Facial Oils You Should Be Using

Wednesday, 18 November 2015
I was a convert to hair oils a long time ago but just recently got on the facial oil bandwagon. I guess it was a left over mentality from my teens when I had acne prone skin and just thought oil was bad. This certainly isn't the case and even though I have very dry skin, facial oils are for everyone and they can really improve the moisture, texture and oil levels of your skin.

The absolute best thing for your face is to keep it balanced, not free of oil altogether. Actually, a big mistake those with acne prone skin make is that they use really harsh cleansers and don't balance their skin afterwards and return some of the oils to it. This causes the skin to wig out and overproduce oil to compensate. Facial oils really are great and they can calm the skin, reduce irritation and aid the absorption of your other skincare products. In simpler terms, moisturisation and returning stripped moisture to your skin is really important so don't skip it! I only ever apply my facial oils at night because they are obviously too heavy for the day and don't work well as a base for makeup but as a night restorer they are amazing. I even like to take the time to relax with a facial massage which not only improves your skin but also feels awesome and is a great de-stresser for the end of the day. I use these facial massage techniques from Lisa Eldridge so I highly recommend that you check out her video.

You can get a lot of different mixes and potions of various different oils mixed together but often these are prohibitively expensive and marketed as high end skincare. I have found high grade pure oils from chemists and health food stores absolutely amazing and the best part is they are really affordable. Here are some of my favourites...

Oil Garden Jojoba Oil 100mL $23.69
Okay, first of all... this bottle will last you forever. The beauty of oils is that you only need a few drops so to pick up a big bottle for less than $25 makes this the cheapest and most justifiable investment in your skin. This jojoba oil is actually my favourite of all of them. It is rich in vitamin E though it doesn't set of my allergies at all like other vitamin E based creams so its a great option for sensitive skin. It is also suitable for all skin types, including oily skin because it perfectly mimics the skins natural oils and can help to regulate excess oil production. It must also be said that this oil doesn't really have a smell at all which I always prefer. My favourite part of these oils is that they are also multi-taskers and you can use them on your nails, body or hair. 

La Mav Certified Organic Pure Argan Oil $24.95
This is another gorgeous brand that is available from a lot of health food stores. I have used argan oil on my hair and I honestly didn't love it because of the strong smell. This one doesn't have any smell at all though which I was really happy about. Argan Oil is rich in vitamins E, F, A and C and is great for skin reparation and anti-aging. It also helps to reduce irritation, redness and scarring and dehydration. If you have those all too common acne scars please don't be afraid of oils because you have been conditioned to think that all oil is bad. They can really help balance your skin and repair some of the damage. 

Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil $19.99
This is definitely the thinnest formula of the three which means it is faster absorbed. It is also the only one with a discernible scent though it isn't unpleasant and just smells a bit nutty. It is really high in omegas 3 and 6 and other essential fatty acids. It is great again for reducing aging, the promotion of healing, reduction of inflammation and improving the overall appearance of skin. 

You would really be surprised at the rapid absorption and non-greasy feel of these oils on your skin. Of course they still feel like oils on your skin but they aren't at all slimy or unpleasant feeling. I routinely massage them into my face before bed and wake up with the softest and most hydrated skin you could imagine. The addition of facial oils to my routine has probably made the single biggest difference to my skin. You don't have to just use these brands or oil types either. There are so many different ones so try whichever pure oil you like! A lot of people rave about Coconut oil too but it usually comes in a tub (because it becomes a solid at lower temperatures) which I don't like for my face for hygienic reasons. I would recommend one that comes in a dropper or bottle and is high grade for face but other than that, try whatever oil you like! Rosehip, avocado, grape seed, olive and almond oil are all great for the skin as well so branch out and discover the world of pure facial oils.

Have you already tried some pure oils as night moisturisers? Will you be giving them a go after reading this post? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy.
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