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3 Places You Don't Need To Wear Makeup

Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Please don't get me wrong. I love wearing and playing with makeup more than the average person and I routinely ignore people who try to tell me I wear too much makeup. That said though, there are certain times that I absolutely will not wear makeup either for practicality or for the health of my skin which is extremely important to me. I'm not trying to offend anyone here but instead just putting it out there that the health of your skin is far more important than wearing makeup places you really don't need to. 

The Gym
This also goes for going out jogging or basically any other time when you are in a sports bra with the intention of sweating. I often see women wearing makeup even while at hot yoga where it inevitably ends up as mask, slowly succumbing to gravity and sliding off your face. I actually decided to write this when I passed two women out jogging in more makeup than I would wear on an average night out. When you are exercising your skin needs to sweat and breath and basically be skin. It can't do that if it is covered in full coverage foundation, powder, red lipstick and liquid liner. Not only that, it simply looks heavy and feels so gross as soon as you start to sweat. I absolutely love that healthy, glowy look of flushed skin with a slight sheen of sweat. That is when I think skin looks it's best and it is something we are constantly trying to replicate with dewy foundations and highlighters. Let your natural skin glow through because it looks gorgeous when you get the blood pumping!

To Bed
My stepmum luckily instilled in my at a very young age the importance of taking care of your skin and at the very top of those skincare priorities is making sure I go to bed with a clean and freshly moisturised face. I know that sometimes you get home really late and just want to collapse in bed. If that is something that happens to you, at least keep some makeup remover wipes by your bed as an absolute last resort. But lets be honest... if you can find the energy to brush your teeth and put on some PJs you can handle a couple of cotton pads. There are also those select few who I have talked to who intentionally wear long lasting makeup to bed when they are having sleep overs with a new partner or something like that. First off all, long wear foundations can really dry out and clog your skin more than regular formulas, plus water-proof mascaras is horrible for your lashes and will result in a ton of drying, breakage and damage. Please feel more confident because you are gorgeous! If someone can see you naked they can certainly see you without makeup. Lets also remember that boys are clueless when it comes to makeup. My boyfriend seriously can't even tell that I'm wearing makeup most days. They seriously don't care!

The Beach
I myself never wear makeup to the beach or swimming in general because protecting my lily white skin from painful sunburn and damage is my primary concern. You simply can't reapply sunscreen if you are wearing makeup. Also, there is something about that typically gorgeous tousled hair, fresh faced look that makes a full face of makeup at the beach seem way over done. If you want to wear a BB cream, some waterproof mascara and gloss to the beach go ahead! That isn't what I am saying at all. But please don't skip on sunscreen applications to preserve your foundation or worse, avoid having fun and splashing around when that is the whole point. 

So there you have the three places where, as much as I love makeup, I think it is absolutely unnecessary. I really didn't want to offend anyone but rather boost the confidence of some people and let them know that it really is better for their skin to skip it sometimes. Do you wear makeup any of these places? Let me know because I'm certainly not going to hate on you for it but I would love to understand why. 

Stay Rosy. 
3 comments on "3 Places You Don't Need To Wear Makeup"
  1. I agree with all 3... i dont understand people who goes to the gym or beach with makeup on

  2. Haha I totally agree. If I wear makeup to the gym or beach it's usually just some concealer and waterproof mascara to boost my confidence. Never a full face though - I actually find it hilarious that people would go jogging with a full face! Maybe it was from the night before? (which still breaks the 2nd 'rule'). x

    1. Yeah I don't understand it either but to each their own. I was more focusing on skincare in this post because I don't want to offend anyone.


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