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Neek Lipsticks

Monday, 12 October 2015
Neek Organics is a fairly new brand to the Australian beauty scene and, as far as I know, so far only consists of four lipstick shades. I was really excited to try these out though since they claim to be a very moisturising lipstick that is 100% natural. Something I really like about these lipsticks is that their ingredients list is written in plain, understandable English so I can tell that these lipsticks are made exclusively of great ingredients like jojaba oil, castor seed oil, wax, shea butter, sweet orange peel oil, vitamin E and pigments. No crazy list of indecipherable ingredients here so I can really tell that they are going to be moisturising for my chronically dry lips. 

Neek Organics Vegan Lipstick in Whole Lotta Rosie $38.00
The formula of these lipsticks was a little different than what I was expecting and they were very "hard" in the same way that a baked blush is much harder in the pan than a normal one. Just like you have to swirl your brush in a baked blush to get some product, these take a slightly more rigourous application. This isn't a bad thing at all, just a bit different. The formula feels very balmy but not particularly slippy on the lips and it also feels like a very thin layer of moisture. The colour payoff is more like a semi-opaque warm rose pink tint which, because of the denser balmy texture of the lipstick, actually lasts quite a long time. If you are looking for a full colour opaque lipstick this definitely isn't it, but I can definitely see people who prefer more natural makeup to love this formula.

Neek Organics Vegan Lipstick in Friday on My Mind $38.00

This shade has the exact same formula and, as you can tell by the lip swatches, a very similar colour. It is ever so slightly deeper and more orange but I would definitely say you only need one of these shades, definitely not both. 

I would definitely agree that these are very moisturising and great for those who like more natural looking lips with a bit of a tint. The only think I don't love is the cardboard tube packaging which, while I understand is meant to adhere to the environmentally conscious ethos, simply will not last. Even without carrying them around in my handbag, The edge of the inside of the cap was starting to roll at the edge which is gradually making it harder to replace the cap. They are also quite expensive but that can be justified by the high quality, organic ingredients.

All in all, if you are looking for a natural and organic light everyday lipstick to give you lips a hint of natural colour and lots of moisturisation, these Neek lipsticks are certainly a very good option. I am always looking to be a more conscientious and considerate consumer so the organic, natural and vegan ingredients are definitely a big plus too.

Stay Rosy.  
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  1. I absolutely love the Neek lipsticks I was given to try!! They're so great, and I love how punny the names are x

    Katina |


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