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John Frieda New Colour Collection

Tuesday, 6 October 2015
Please excuse the crumpled boxes. The mailman was a bit rough!
I was lucky enough to get sent some samples from the new John Frieda colour collection to try out for you guys. Unfortunately, I don't colour my hair because I am way too lazy for all the upkeep and like my brunette shade but my Mum was generous enough to play guinea pig. Plus she was totally on board with getting her hair done anyway.
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Medium Copper Brown $22.99
I often colour my Mum's hair for her just because it is easier when I do it to make sure everything is covered. I had used a foam colour of a different brand before but I wasn't overly impressed with it so I was keen to give this one a go considering the great quality of all the other John Frieda products I have tried. The box includes the standard three step developer, colourant and condition system. Like most at home kits you simply combine the developer and colourant (tilt the bottle a few times, don't shake!) but instead of a typical cream squeeze tube, there is a foam attachment. I admit I did have a bit of trouble at first because I was holding it completely upside down and squeezing it through the foam attachment which resulted in a trickle of runny dye. After I figured out that it worked best when you held the bottle more horizontal, the foam came out nicely. I also want to note that they include really good salon quality gloves in this kit which is definitely worth mentioning after using many home dye kits with those dreaded scrunchy plastic gloves that fall off your hands.
The foam applied beautifully and I can definitely see the appeal. Even though my Mum has very short hair which is easy to get cream colour through, when I used to apply cream colour to my much longer hair it would make it really heavy and matted which made it really hard to ensure it was coating each strand well. If you have longer hair especially because the light foam formula would make application so much easier for you. I also used a little disposable plastic bowl and hair colour brush just around the hairline to keep it a bit neater. 

We left the colour to develop for 25 mins, rinsed and then followed with the conditioner. My Mum also remarked that her hair was a lot softer than it usually is after she colours it so A+ to the moisturiser as well. The colour ended up lovely with 100% grey coverage and no missed bits thanks to the really easy to disperse formula. Mum was really happy with and said she would probably buy this John Frieda colour again over the cream formulas she usually uses.
Before and After

John Frieda Intense After-Colour Conditioner $16.99
This is another standout product and my mum diligently reported that it made her hair feel much softer and more moisturised than normal will actually being even more lightweight than her regular conditioner! It didn't weigh her hair down at all and since she has short hair that she regularly styles for volume that is always a good thing. Styling was easier and her volume stayed in for longer. 

John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss for Warm Brunettes $16.99
Ladies with colour treated blond hair have been using at home toners for ages but it is great that there are now some more options for everyone, not just blondes. This refreshing gloss seven great shades to suit everyone from a platinum blonde to a cool, glossy black. I particularly like how they include an easy to follow code that matches up to popular home colouring kits (not just from John Frieda) which easily allows you to find the right match to liven up you fading colour. It's also really great that they cover red, black and brunette shades because, while it is true that blondes have the most trouble with their colour trying to prevent it from going brassy, other deeper shades can start to look dull and lacklustre quite quickly after a colour. My mum found this refreshed her colour very well, extending the lively "fresh colour look". Though it doesn't allow her to go longer between colours because she still needs to keep her pesky greys covered, this refreshing gloss kept it looking nice and fresh for weeks. 

I know it is a bit weird for me to relay this review from my mum but I don't colour my hair and she was a willing review assistant. I also know a lot of people are far less lazy than me and like to colour their hair so I wanted to review these great products even if I don't use them. Rest assured though, that my mum loved them and said she will continue to purchase them (especially the foam colour!) and I was really impressed by the results. I'd love to know if you have tried these great products too so please leave me a comment below.

Stay Rosy.
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