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Emma Organics Skincare

Friday, 14 August 2015
I was lucky enough to get sent these gorgeous skincare products from a small homegrown skincare brand based out of Victoria. Of course, considering my name is Emma I was already pretty excited to try them but I was also really impressed that all their products are vegan, organic, not tested on animals as well as being free of all nasties like sulphate, fragrances, artificial preservatives and colours. They are beautiful, simple, natural based skin care products that are also really cost friendly, so wins all around.

Emma Organics Facial Cleanser $17.30
First for my favourite of the bunch! This lovely foaming cleanser is formulated with apple and cucumber which means it smells ah-mazing and is also really refreshing. It also has aloe vera, rosehip oil, calendula and chamomile which are all great for calming and moisturising the skin. What I like most about this cleanser was that even though it was a thin foaming gel, it didn't strip my skin at all like I find most foaming cleansers do. My skin was left feeling clean and refreshed while still balanced and moisturised which is why I have been using it non-stop even though I have a ton of other skincare to try out for you guys. It even works wonderfully with my Clarisonic so I really can't fault this cleanser at all!

Emma Organics Day & Night Moisturiser $19.86
This is another beautifully simple product that also contains rosehip, apple and cucumber to soothe and calm the skin. I really think that this range would be absolutely amazing for those with sensitive and easily aggravated skin. It is a lovely thin formula, much more like a lotion than a cream, that is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin lovely and balanced. It actually packs in quite a lot of moisturisation for such a light product which really impressed me. Also, because it is a thinner formula it works especially well under makeup too. The only thing I didn't like about this one was that it smells more like rosehip which isn't my favourite smell in the world, but that is just a weird me-thing. Plus it is just too lovely for a little rosehip smell to discourage me!

Emma Organics Cleansing Milk & Exfoliant $20.35
I am really loving the apple and cucumber theme throughout this skincare range! The exfoliant beads in this are actually made from ground pumice powder which makes them environmentally friendly. I have been told the synthetic exfoliating beads in most products can actually be very damaging to the environment so it is great that this one is grey water friendly! The pumice does feel a bit odd a first, almost like sand though it is very finely ground so exfoliated my skin beautifully, leaving it very smooth, without being too abrasive. Even though it says it is a cleanser and exfoliant, it is a very dry sort of cream so I think it is best to remove makeup first with the cleanser and then go in with this exfoliant. This product is also packed with all the good stuff like jojoba oil, avacado oil and cocoa butter which leaves the skin really clean and refreshed without stripping it at all. All in all, this is a great exfoliant even though the environmentally friendly pumice can feel a little weird at first but it is certainly effective. 

Considering this was a brand I had never even heard of, I have been so incredibly & pleasantly surprised by the range. They really are lovely products, especially for normal to dry skin, that are great for you, the environment and the little bunnies that are spared from animal testing. I try to be responsible when purchasing products but I am often not as stringent as I should be, though I definitely appreciate the ethos of this brand. I am also really impressed that these lovely products come at such a great price which is very comparable to a lot of drugstore brands. Emma Organics is definitely worth checking out and you can order direct from the website which also offers free shipping on orders over $80.

Stay Rosy.

Disclaimer: While these products were sent to me as samples, I received them obligation free and as always, my opinions are my own. 
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