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Review: Macadamia Professional Styling Products

Monday, 20 July 2015
I was lucky enough to try out these gorgeous styling products from Macadamia Professional to let you know what I think. They are available from i-glamour which is an Australian based professional hair care supplier that stocks a ton of hair brands and products that are really difficult (if not impossible) to find in Australian stores. These two products are from the newer range which is very focused around achieving that perfect smooth and voluminous blow out. I am definitely no expert when it comes to hair styling but even I was able to get a really nice professional looking hair style without having to pay huge amounts of money at a salon. I was so impressed with these products and I have used them a few times and fallen more and more in love with them!

Macadamia Professional Blow Dry Lotion $32.95
First of all let's all pause to appreciate the sleek packaging and clear details about exactly what the product does. It offers thermal, UV and humidity protection as well as smoothing and defrizzing for the perfect blow dry. It has a very low "control factor" which just means it is more about smoothing than setting which gives it a very soft and flexible finish which just feels like smooth hair. The Macadamia Professional range also uses as "Pro Oil Complex" of macadamia and argan oils to keep the hair moisturised even when heat styling. It also smells nice and fresh and doesn't have that overwhelming argan oil smell which is definitely a plus. As the name would suggest, it is a creamy lotion that isn't too heavy or sticky. As small amount (about two pumps) combed through my hair before blow drying kept my hair so smooth and soft when I was blow drying and I really noticed it reducing the flyaways I typically get at the crown of my head. I was also really impressed that it didn't make my hair greasy or oily at all and I was able to go three days without washing my hair which is unprecedented when I style my hair with products. I really love this product because it delivers on its promises unlike the tons of other blow dry creams I have tried which just left my hair heavy and greasy. I can see myself using this a lot and I won't hesitate to buy another bottle.

Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream $29.95
I will admit that I didn't really know exactly how I would use this at first because it is a fairly unique product but with a bit of experimentation I fell in love with it. Just before I cut my hair I blow dried my very long hair with a smooth wave but I found it looking a bit wispy and crappy at the ends. On a whim I rubbed a tiny bit of this through my ends and it made it look amazing. This cream basically gives a soft smooth finish as well as adding some shine, texture and "peice-iness" if that makes sense. I also used it to separate and style the layers around my face. What I really like about this is that it is a low hold formula that stays very soft and weightless once applied. There was absolutely no dry, crunchy feeling. If you buy one product from the Macadamia Professional range you absolute need to give this one a go. It is unusual and absolutely amazing. A little bit goes a long way too so I can see this little tub lasting quite a while but I will definitely repurchase it when I eventually do run out. After hating the feel and effect of hair spray and mousse finishes for ages, this is absolutely how everyone should be finishing and detailing their hair. 

I was able to get this gorgeous smooth and shiny effect even though I absolutely suck at blow drying my hair and I was using an el-cheapo Phillips hairdryer! I can't wait for my GHD Air to get here and to get some more practice! Who else finds it nearly impossible to co-ordinate a radial brush and a hair dryer at the same time?

After trying these two products, I definitely want to try more Macadamia Professional products including the Volumizer Mouse and Activating Curl Cream for starters. I have used a lot of high end styling products and these are easily some of the best I've come across. They even do packs like this Voluminous Blow Dry Pack which basically means if you buy the two products I've reviewed here you get the mousse for free. 

If you want to see these in action too, Macadamia Professional also posted videos on how to achieve each of the looks on their models which really helped me figure out which products would be best for my hair an needs. Also, the looks the hair stylist creates are amazing and I stole a few great tips and tricks from him on both styling and how to use these products.

I have been so impressed with these Macadamia Professional products and I'm so happy that an Aussie site like i-glamour stocks them so we don't have to miss out on all the good things which happens so often in Australia! Are you going to try out any of these Macadamia Professional products? Have you already? I'd love to know below in the comments. 

Stay Rosy.
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