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Review: Cancer Council Cosmetics

Thursday, 23 July 2015
As someone who is incredibly pale I am always very aware of how damaging the Queensland sun can be. I probably don't wear SPF as often as I know I should and that is something I have vowed to change because my entire family has all had many sun spots removed and that is a road I would rather not go down. I got some of these lovely Cancer Council fcosmetics to try out, all of which have a really high sun protection factor while also doubling as some lovely makeup products too.

I got three different base products to try out, all of which have slightly different formulas and levels of coverage and pack in an SPF of 30. One of the main reasons I don't wear SPF as often as I should is because it always seems to makes even my dry skin a total oil slick, not to mention the awful chemical sunscreen smell. Thankfully, these were very wearable and didn't smell or feel much different to a regular BB cream or tinted moisturiser. They still left me a little shiny (though no where near as bad as sunscreen) but a quick dusting of powder mattifyed things nicely.

Cancer Council Face Moisturiser in Light Beige $14.95
This is the lightest coverage of the three and also the thinnest formula. I actually really liked this one because it was so easy to blend and the tint was very forgiving, even for my extremely pale skin. I can definitely see myself using this frequently on my no makeup days because it gives a really nice sheer coverage to even things up while still being very light, comfortable and high protection. I will be wearing this one to uni a lot!

Cancer Council BB Crème 3 in 1 in Light $15.95
This is my favourite of the three formulas, even if it is a little too dark for me. If you usually use a light BB cream in virtually any other brand, this one will fit you perfectly and I definitely recommend it. It is a thicker cream that is still very easy to blend and gives a surprisingly good amount of coverage. I also liked that it felt moisturizing on my skin. I probably wouldn't recommend it for really oily girls because of the heavier formula but if you have normal to dry skin you should check this one out.

Cancer Council Foundation in Beige $18.95
I actually didn't notice any difference in coverage between the BB cream and the foundation and if anything the foundation was a tiny bit harder to blend. It is also significantly darker than the light BB cream. I would probably recommend the BB cream over this one to be honest though this is still a good no-fuss light to medium coverage base that gives you tons of sun protection. It does set a tiny bit more than the BB cream though which might translate to slightly longer wear, especially in the warmer months.

Left to right: Tinted Moisturiser, BB Crème and Foundation. I am only wearing the Cancer Council products in these photos applied without a primer and set with a tiny bit of Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder. Please forgive my messy photo/swatch day hair!
Cancer Council Lip Gloss in Clear $9.95
This gloss is a very simple but very nice gloss. It is a thinner formula that has an extremely subtle but pleasant smell. Like all the other products it offers SPF30 as well as cotaining Aloe Vera to moisturise the lips. It is very smooth and not sticky at all thanks to the thinner formula. The only down side is that it doesn't stay on the lips very long but the same can be said for basically any other lipgloss/lipbalm so that is okay. I really like this one and I can see myself using it a lot, especially when I'm outside because it protects and moisturises my lips but doesn't sell sunscreen-y at all!

Cancer Council Moisturizing Lipstick in Aztec Berry and Coral $14.95
I honestly was a little scared of the colours when I first opened them but I was very happy to find out that these are a sheerer lipstick formula which makes the colours quite subtle and flattering. First of all I was shocked by how nice the formula was, without any offensive sunscreen smell. Every other SPF30 lipstick I have tried in the past was absolutely awful and smelled worse (Australis Lip Quench, I'm looking at you!). Instead these were a very nice creamy sheer formula. I also particularly liked the Aztec Berry shade too which looks so pretty on! Out of all these products, I was most surprised and impressed by the lipsticks simply because, up until now, I didn't believe you could actually get a SPF that high and still have a pleasant formula.
Aztec Berry
All in all, I am incredibly impressed with all of these products. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how nice all the formulas were while still maintaining a high SPF. These products will definitely make it easier for me to stick to my promise to wear more sun protection because they don't feel like suncreens at all which is a huge plus. Of course, if you are devoted to your full coverage foundations and lipsticks these probably aren't going to cut it for you but this line would be perfect for those who like simple, no-nonsense makeup. They would be great for busy people who want multitasking products that just give them a hint of colour and lots of sun protection without the fuss.

Stay Rosy

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