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My Top 3 Celebrity Makeup Crushes

Monday, 6 July 2015
We always look to the red carpet and catwalk for that latest trends, not to mention the fact that celebrities always have the most amazing makeup artists at their beck and call. I always love to get makeup inspiration from celebrities and these are the three I'm loving most at the moment.

Katharine McPhee
Full disclosure: I'm completely obsessed with Kat McPhee at the moment. My new favourite show is Scorpion, I have been playing her new song "Lick My Lips" basically non*stop and I have been stalking her Instagram for great fashion and makeup. Everything about her has been so on point lately and I'm definitely stealing little bits here and there.

Her amazing makeup is certainly nothing new with this amazing look from 2013 that I just recreated and absolutely loved! Some gold shadow along the bottom lash line really livens up a black smokey eye.
I also really loved her bronzed look for the In Style Golden Globes Party this year created mostly with Charlotte Tilbury products by her amazing makeup artist Kindra Mann (check her out on Instagram).

Ugh, I need Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze & Glow and Bitch Perfect lipstick in my life so bad! They are on my birthday wishlist for this month so fingers crossed. Kat also just did a photoshoot in Thailand and some of the makeup looks Kindra created for her there look amazing so I can't wait for the images to be released.

Lily Collins
Duh right? She has amazing brows and the same skin tone and hair colour as me so a lot of what works on her does on me too so I always like to stalk her makeup looks. Her are my favourites so far. 
There is so much to love about this look! Thick natural brows, flawless skin and those perfect nude lips. I love it and can only aim to get my everyday makeup this beautiful.
I absolutely loved this lipstick so much I searched for ages and bought it. Its LancĂ´me L'Absolu Rouge in Berry Noir which seems to be discontinued but any dark berry lipstick will do. If you are too shy to wear a vampy berry lip or want to tone it down for everyday you can just wear it as a light stain on the lips (patted on and smoothed with a finger) topped with some clear lip balm which looks lovely. Paired with fresh skin, full brows, lots of lashes it is a sure fire hit, especially on pale skin with darker hair.

Keira Knightley
I have always loved Lisa Eldridge so it is little wonder that I love some of the amazing looks she has created for Keira Knightley. I particularly love the gorgeous metallic smokey eyes and flawless skin.

Keira is so flawless and these are two of my favourite looks. The eyes are very similar and just work so perfectly for her. I usually go for a nude pink like the top but sometime it is nice to amp things up.

So there are my three top Celeb makeup crushes. I have actually had all of these images on my iPad for quite a while as an ideas look book and I wanted to share because I really love the basics of the looks. I'm sure these looks may not suit everyone but you could always look for your own celeb makeup inspiration.

Stay Rosy.
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