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Review: Physician's Formula Argan Wear Blush

Saturday, 13 June 2015
I was lucky enough to recieve a huge haul of twenty of Physician's Formula's latest releases to review for you guys. First up for review, is these oh-so-pretty Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blushes. They retail for $21.95 at Priceline although they don't seem to be online yet. Alternatively, you can buy them directly from the Physician's Formula Australia website.
First of all, can we appreciate the pretty pan design? It makes them so eye-catching and they are clearly some gorgeous colours. The only thing I don't like is the gold glitter on the top because it is really obvious and unflattering on the skin so you basically have to try and wipe all the gold glitter off before you use it which is actually impossible. It would just be a lot better without that glitter. It also has a bit of an argan oil smell. I wouldn't necessarily say it smells bad but it may bother some people.

The packaging is unfortunately really bulky and plasticy. It includes a mirror and and a brush which I kind of think is unnecessary because I, like most people, just apply my blush and the morning and certainly don't touch it up throughout the day. I would much rather have a sleek blush packaging that fits nicely in my makeup storage than have an included brush.
Despite these minor packaging issues, these blushes are absolutely gorgeous! They are quite shimmery but the pigmentation is quite sheer so they aren't overwhelming when applied. I actually really like the shades, particularly the Natural shade which is a lovely warm pink. 
Left to right: Heavy swatches of the shades Natural and Rose.
These are really lovely blushes that are let down a tiny bit by the packaging and chunks of glitter on the top of the pan. All in all though, I would definitely say they are worth checking out.

Stay Rosy.
5 comments on "Review: Physician's Formula Argan Wear Blush"
  1. I've always been a bit tempted by PF blushes - the patterns on them are adorable! I hate that they do oversprays though, and I already have too much blush! These shades do look really pretty though :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Honestly I do a little bit too. I mentioned it in this review but a quick wipe with a tissue takes most of it off. The pan pattern would be plenty pretty without all the gold glitter so I wish they left it off.

  2. I have yet to try any of the Physicians Formula range but have been meaning to for so long. I'm going to commit to going into Priceline next time I'm at westfields!!
    The Beauty Bloss

    1. Well the whole range is 40% off at Priceline at the moment so now is the time :)

  3. These look so so pretty in the pan ! So nice to see they swatch gorgeously aswell x

    Katina |


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