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Review: L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Reds By Blake and Freida

Sunday, 14 June 2015
I have been waiting for sooooo long for these to finally come out in Australia! I absolutely love the three lipsticks I have from the Exclusive Nude Collection so it was a no brainer that I had to pick up some from this collection too. I chose the Blake's Red and Freida's Red because they were the lighter and brighter reds which always seem to suit my pale skin better.
First of all, let's talk about the formula. If you have tried the L'Oreal Colour Riche formula before I'm sure I don't need to tell you about how good it is. These are a tiny bit dryer and thicker than, for example, the Collection Exclusive Nudes due to the more intense colour, but they still have the same overall texture. They are very opaque and give you an intense velvety finish; think classic red lip! I really love the formula and I continue to be impressed by L'Oreal lipsticks. Seriously I like this formula more than even my MAC lipsticks. I also love that while they are more matte, they don't dry up and ball (is that the word?) on your lips like a lot of other lipsticks. This mean that the finish stays looking nice long after it's applied. They also have pretty impressive staying power, especially considering they aren't a true matte.

Blake's Red seems to be the most popular of the collection from what I could tell when they were released in the U.S. and it is little wonder seeing as Blake Lively is know for her scarlet red carpet lips.
It is clearly the "true red"of the collection with more balanced undertones that are still a little on the blue side in my opinion. Think more MAC Russian Red than Ruby Woo if that makes any sense.
L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Reds by Blake
Freida's Red on the other hand is much pinker, leaning on the fuchsia side which I absolutely love! This also goes to show that you shouldn't use the namesake celebrity's skin tone as an indication of which to go for because this is my favourite and my pale skin couldn't be more different from Freida Pinto's! As you can see it is very blue toned, as close to pink as a red can get.
L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Reds by Freida
Finally here is a swatch of them side by side. 
Left to right: Freida's Red and Blake's Red
If you are pale like me, these are the ones I would certainly recommend because the others are quite dark, with the exception Doutzen's Red which is very orange. I always prefer blue toned reds because they seriously make your teeth look whiter, as weird as that sounds.

So there you have my review of these two reds by Blake and Freida. Priceline currently has a sale on all L'Oreal products (buy two, get one free) so now is the time to pick these up because I can't see the stock lasting very long. Remember that these are an exclusive limited edition so once they are gone, that's it! Also, when I was frantically searching for the last nudes collection I found that Target sold out a lot slower than Priceline did so if you miss out at Priceline be sure to check there. Keep an eye out on my Instagram too because I picked up and extra Blake's Red to go into my next giveaway. 

Stay Rosy.
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  1. Frieda's Red looks lovely! The type of red I could probbbbbbbbably pull off x

    Katina |


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