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Review: Covergirl Colourlicious Lip Glosses

Monday, 11 May 2015
I have mentioned these glosses a few times over the last month or two but I really wanted to a review of all the shades I have. These are hands down my favourite drugstore lip glosses right now. I was obsessed with the Maybelline Lip Elixirs but I think theses just edge them out by a little bit. They are absolutely fantastic and an amazing price! They are easily as good as my more expensive LancĂ´me and Dior glosses.

I have collected four shades so far but I definitely want to collect more. The four shades I have are... 

  • 700 Whipped Berry: glossy bright pink
  • 600 Melted Toffee: a standout glossy nude
  • 610 Honeyed Kiss; a very sheer shimmer nude
  • 630 Give Me Guava: a rosy pink with gold shimmer

Left to right: Whipped Berry, Melted Toffee, Honeyed Kiss and Give Me Guava.
The formula of these are very thin, comfortable and not in the least bit sticky. I really do love these. They make great toppers but also look gorgeous on their own. There are also a lot more intense colours in the range too but I am always a sucker for light pinks and nudes.

These glosses are also really good value and retail for $16.95 and they are often on sale. I got these at the Priceline 40% off sale and at Coles' recent 50% off Covergirl sale. Even at full price they are completely worth it but I would definitely keep my eyes peeled for sales too because they are an absolute steal less than ten bucks!

So there are my thoughts on my favourite new lip glosses. Are you keen to try out these lipglosses? Which shades do you love so I know which to collect next? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy.
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