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Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo Haul

Friday, 22 May 2015
I managed to pick up a few great things from the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo and I really wanted to tell you about them. All of these aren't generally available in stores because they are pro brands so I figured I would review them so you could know about them before you buy online.
DSK05 Disposable Box Set $19.95
When I saw this box set for twenty dollars I couldn't resist. I'm not a makeup artist but I sometimes apply makeup for friends and family and I'm really particular about keeping everything hygienic so I figured it would come in handy. The set includes 25 pieces of each DS01 Natural Lip Brush, DS03 Mascara Wand, DS04 Double Ended Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator, DS05 Large Flock Lipp Gloss Applicator and DS06 Golden Taklon Liner. All of these are really good quality, especially since they only cost about 15 cents each.

Designer Makeup Tools 160W - 06 Soft White Tapered Blend Brush $7.60
The quality of this brush is absolutely top notch for such a small price. So many brushes from this range just blew me away! The bristles are soft but the brush keeps it's shape really well allowing from anything from a distinct cut crease to a blended out socket. It is more tapered than my favourite Sigma E25 and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.

Rae Morris Brush 8.5. Crème Shadow Shader $29
When I heard that Rae Morris was going to be one of the stalls at the expo I was so excited to get my first brushes from this amazing range. I have been using a lot of cream shadows lately so this seemed like a natural choice. The construction of these are absolutely incredible. Each brush has a patented small magnet at the end which is the most famous design element of the Rae Morris brushes. The handle is also made of a beautiful polished, natural finish wood and the bristles are of the best possible materials. This one in particular has soft synthetic bristles which is optimal for cream product application. The shape is also really good for an all over cream shadow application as well as shading the crease. You can really do a whole eye look with just this brush.

Rae Morris Brush 2. Mini Kabuki $40
I have wanted this one for so long. It is such a handy and unique shape and size. I have been using it for contouring, highlighting, blush and under-eye powder application. It really is a brush you need in your collection and I'm sure you won't have any brush quite like it. The brushes are made from cruelty free goat hair that is so soft and just screams luxe quality.

Designer Makeup Tools 239L-06 Taklon Long Concealer Brush $7.85
I actually picked this up thinking it was a lip brush but that's okay. It still definitely makes a good lip brush and I have also tried it for precision concealer as well and it is fantastic. For $7.85 it makes for a really good workhorse brush. I always need more lip brushes because I am so lazy about cleaning them after I use them. The more lip brushes I have, the less often I have to clean them!

Designer Makeup Tools 125-12 Raccoon Fan Brush $12.50
I have wanted a nice fan brush for such a long time so when I saw this great one so cheap I couldn't resit. The bristles are soft, it doesn't shed and it is generally a fantastic fan brush. I have been using it a lot with my more intense The Balm Mary-Loumanizer Highlighter. If you need a fan brush and don't wanna pay big bucks, definitely think about this one because it is is fantastic!

Designer Makeup Tools PK04 Scoop 'n' Mix $6.50
Like I said, I'm really concerned about keeping my makeup clean and hygienic, especially when I'm doing makeup for my friends or family. Of course, this is an absolutely must have in any make-up artists kit but I picked it up thinking it would come in handy when I am doing makeup for people or mixing foundation and lipstick colours.

Designer Makeup Tools P02 ALl Rounder Pro Palette Knife $6.50
I used one of these when I was helping a friend with some makeup artistry work a while ago and simply had to pick one up. I use it mostly to mix in my white foundation to lighten up the foundations that are a little to dark for my super pale skin tone but it is also great for hygienically applying lip products so I don't double dip the lip brush in product.

Designer Makeup Tools 3 Pan Design A Palette $20.95
When I swatched some of the amazing 59 pro shadow and blush shades and 30 lip creams available I just had to have some. They were all fantastic quality and really affordable. Because I have so many eyeshadows I decided to make a small lip palette with everyday colours. I chose LP23 Salmon, LP01 Bride to Be and LP11 Bright Crimson. All of these are creamy formulas that are a bit of a lipstick/lipbalm hybrid that make for great everyday shades. There are also other more intense colours in the range. I definitely want to look at getting more of these in the future.
Left to right: LP23 Salmon, LP01 Bride to Be and LP11 Bright Crimson.

So there is my haul from the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo from Rae Morris and Designer Makeup Tools. I am really happy with all of my purchases and will definitely be buying from both brands again in the future. Will you be picking up any of these or adding them to your wishlist? Let me know below in the comments.

Stay Rosy.
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