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New Harlotte Matte Lipstick Range

Saturday, 25 April 2015
Left to right: Precious, Show Off, Socialite, Wallflower, Popular and It Girl.
If you have been following my blog for a while you will already know that I am a huge fan of the Aussie brand, Harlotte. It is hands down my favourite Australia brand so I was all kinds of excited when they released their latest range of matte lipsticks to accompany their nude and bright ranges. Harlotte is owned and created by makeup artist Michelle Crofts and she stands behind everything she develops. She puts a huge amount of personal effort and development into every product so you know it is going to be top notch. Harlotte is particularly known for their lipsticks which are some of the best out there and this new range is no exception!
Firstly, can we just pause to appreciate the colours? I mean look at them! You have all of the big shades; nude pink, bright pink, berry, nude, coral and red. It's a range of every shade you could want and they are all particularly nice examples. I mean just look at how intense they are! My favourites are definitely Socialite, Popular and It Girl (the more intense shades) but they are all beautiful!
Left to right: Precious, Show Off, Socialite, Wallflower, Popular and It Girl.
Now to move onto the formula. They of course have a matte finish but they are also a very intense, velvety formula. With the exception of Show Off which is a little sheerer and 'harder' lipstick if that makes sense, a single swatch will leave you with thick, smooth coverage. Because they are such a soft formula, I actually find that they apply even better with a lip brush. Some of the lighter shades do separate a tiny bit like a lot of matte formulas, especially if you don't prepare your lips well, but they still perform way better than any other matte lipstick I've tried. If you are in the market for some intense mattes, you need to give these a go.

Now for price; these retail for $30 each which I think is an absolute bargain. They are definitely a higher end formula for a mid range price. Even better is the fact that Harlotte is still offering the intro offer to buy all six shades for $132 which works out to $22 each! That's less than a lot of drugstore brands so I think it is definitely worth it if you want to splurge and expand your lipstick collection. I would also really recommend that you also pick up the Harlotte Lip Shine so all your lipsticks can perform double duty as a matte and super glossy finish. Harlotte also has some great lip liners if you want the full effect.
So there you have it, the new matte range from Harlotte which certainly lived up to my expectations. If you have never tried anything from Harlotte you absolutely NEED to! For a review of all my other Harlotte products, check it out here. Which ones are you absolutely dying to try out?

Stay Rosy.

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