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March Shop My Stash

Tuesday, 31 March 2015
I love doing a Shop My Stash segment every month because it allows me dig out a few products I haven't used in a while or maybe forgotten about. I realise that the fact I have so many products that I loose track is probably excessive, but I'm a beauty blogger so at least I have an excuse, right? Here are a few products I dug out this month and plan to get a lot more use out of.

Too Faced Sugar & Spice Palette - Limited Edition (No Longer Available)
I really have no idea why I don't use this palette more. I actually ask myself why I don't use more of my palettes but I think it is because my MAC custom palette is my go to everyday but I really need to branch out. I can make the most amazing neutral eye with the Champagne Tuffle, Nugmeg, Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate shades in this palette so I really need to use it more. Plus, with adorable and delicious names like that how can I not?

Maybelline Lip Elixir Lip Gloss $17.95
I was completely in love with these when they first came out and I collected 5 different shades for good reason; they are awesome! I have been using the newer Covergirl Colourlicious glosses lately which are similar but I think they are both great. Now that the novelty of the Covergirl glosses is wearing off I will probably starting using a combination of both.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil $9.95
Honestly I have a pretty tumultuous relationship with NYX products. I have been disappointed by most of the products I have tried but I still wanted to give these Jumbo Eye Pencils a go and also I plan to try the Butter Lipsticks and Glosses in the future. I got these quite a while ago and haven't really used them much so I don't really know if I'm a fan yet but hopefully with some more use this month I will make my mind up about them and either work them into my makeup more if I like them or maybe hand them off if I don't.

Topshop Powder Blush in Good Girl and Creme Blush in Flush (Discontinued shades I think)
I got these quite a while ago at an amazing clearance sale and I have already review them (here) but weirdly haven't used them a great deal, even though I know I like them. I think it is mostly due to the fact that they don't fit in with my regular blush storage so I have them in another drawer where I often forget about them completely. I plan to get a whole lot more use out of these this month. 

So there are a few products I have pulled out from the depths of my makeup collection to get a little more use out of over the next month. Which products have you forgotten to use or rediscovered lately? Let me know below in the comments.

Stay Rosy. 
4 comments on "March Shop My Stash"
  1. Those Maybelline lip glosses are so incredible! The Caramel one is my ultimate favourite x

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