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Glasshouse Candles: Verona and Coney Island

Saturday, 14 February 2015
"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene..."
I am absolutely in love with these latest offerings from Glasshouse Fragrances. Basically all of their candles look beautiful and smell amazing so it is little wonder that these beauties live up to the reputation.

Verona "A Dozen Roses" Candle 60g - $21.95
As the latest release for Valentine's Day, this beautiful candle not only smells of a dozen roses, but also includes scribbled love letters in silver all around the glass jar. My favourite of these adorable little messages was "Give me butterflies, whisper sweet nothings and buy me roses." What I love most about these candles is that each scent is as carefully and beautifully constructed as a fine perfume. Verona consists of top notes of Chinese ginger, rose oil and raspberry with middle notes of rosewood, Turkish rose, lotus flower and milk along with spicy base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. All of this combines for a lovely spicy floral fit for the most romantic day of the year. I would recommend you get hold of this one quickly though because it is limited edition and probably won't be around much longer. Part of me just wants to order the big 350g version before stock runs out but I always go a bit crazy with limited edition products knowing I can't get them ever again! It's way to final and my shop-a-holic brain can't handle it!

Coney Island "Burnt Sugar & Fig" Candle 60g - $18.95
While burnt sugar and fig might sound like an odd combination, it is well balanced with other scents such as white peony, peach, jasmine, freesia and vanilla for the perfect sweet sugary smell without smelling like you are surrounded by fairy floss and marshmallow (although that does sound amazing now that I mention it!). It is actually quite hard to explain and I would definitely recommend you smell this one for yourself in one of the many stores that stock Glasshouse Candles such as David Jones, Peter Alexander and Terry White Chemist to name a few places I've spotted them (find stockists here). They are widely available for you to sniff for yourself and smell more beautiful than I can ever describe to you.

These minatures (60g) give approximately 20 hours burn time and the full sized 350g jars offer up to a whopping 80 hours of burn time in addition to leaving you with a beautiful larger glass jar I think would be perfect for storing makeup brushes! If you can't tell already I am completely in love with this beautiful range of candles mostly because of the gorgeous and complex range of scents that rival the most beautiful perfumes and also because, compared to other high end candles which can get very expensive, they are quite affordable. After smelling the whole range in store I simply cannot wait to try other scents like Manhattan "Little Black Dress", Marseille "Gardenia", Bordeax "Vanilla Noir" and Monte Carlo "Fig & Guava". Which Glasshouse Fragrance candles have you tried and which ones are you wanting to add to your collection? I would love to know so leave me a message in the comments section below.

Stay Rosy.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me as PR samples but only after I contacted the company because I was already completely in love with the range. I will always provide honest reviews and absolutely refuse to give a false positive review even if it means severing ties with a company completely.

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