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Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Monday, 23 February 2015
As someone with very pale skin, finding nudes can be really tough because most of them tend to pull brown. Here are a few that I have come across and reach for regularly. They range from truer nudes to pink, lilac and peachy tones but all of them are what I would consider "nudes" that are really flattering and don't wash me out.

Left to right: YSL Rouge Volute Shine in 9 "Nude in Private", Harlotte Lipstick in "Exposed", Harlotte Lipstick in "Bride's Nighty", Harlotte Lippie Pot in "Pure", L'Oreal Exclusive Nude Lipstick in "Julianne's Nude" and L'Oreal Exclusive Nude Lipstick in "J Lo's Nude"
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 9 "Nude In Private" $55
This is one of my old favourites and holds a special place in my heart because I bought it in Paris. As well as having literally the most beautiful packaging of any makeup period, it is a lovely silky smooth texture. Some people don't like these because they feel slimy or slippy but I love them so it's down to personal preference I guess. These are very moisturising so unfortunately they don't last a long time but I love the gorgeous colour, feel and formula enough to reapply a couple of times. This is my go to for a special occasion smokey eye/nude lip look. I also like that it is a warmer, peachier tone than my other pink nudes.

Harlotte Lipstick in "Exposed" and "Bride's Nighty" $30
I'm calling it! Harlotte has one of the most beautiful and extensive ranges of nudes out there! While you may not have heard of the brand, it is a firm favourite with many bridal makeup artists which was how I came across the brand. Exposed is a gorgeous dusty pink nude that is one shade darker than my lips and thus the perfect nude. Bride's Nighty on the other hand is a quite unique lilac-pink nude that I love as well. The Harlotte Nude range includes 12 shades (6 pink toned and 6 truer brown nudes) so if you can't find at least one you love I would be extremely surprised. I have looked at all of them and am determined collect every last one! You can buy them online or a lot of salons stock them so you can swatch first.

Harlotte Lippie Pot in "Pure" $20
All of the 12 nude collection lipsticks also come in these small lippie pots which are ever so slightly sheerer than the lipstick formula but still lovely. I do prefer the lipstick formula for ease of application but I only have the Pure shade in the lippie pot and I had to include it. It is described a "nude soft-shell pink" and is the loveliest light pink while also being as smooth and moisturising as the lipstick formulas. If you want a sheerer nude or want to try more Harlotte shades for your money these lippie pots are great. Plus they look like adorable little pink M'n'Ms!

L'Oréal Color Riche Collection Exclusive Nude Lipstick in "Julianne's Nude" and "J Lo's Nude" $21.95
I know these are limited edition but I'm pretty sure they are still available (try Target or Big W because I'm pretty sure Priceline is out) and I love them too much to not include them. The formula is gorgeous and the colours are equally stunning. Julianne's Nude is a rosy pink nude while J Lo's Nude is more of a true nude that is described as "Greige". If you can't manage to get hold of them, fear not because the permanent shade L'Oreal Color Riche 235 "Nude" is very similar to J Lo's nude but ever so slightly more pink.
Left to right: L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 235 "Nude" and L'Oreal Exclusive Nude Lipstick in "J Lo's Nude"
So there are my favourite, go-to nude lipsticks that I find myself reaching for a lot. I would love to know if you have tried any of these and what your favourite nudes are. I'm always looking for new lipsticks to add to my collection.

Stay Rosy.

Note: I purchased all of these with my own money. None of these are PR samples.
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