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Essence Like and Unforgettable Kiss Collection

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
I have been quite impressed with some of the Essence products I have tried in the past and I especially love their lip liners! For the price point and considering you can get some really great products for just 2 or 3 dollars, They aren't all awesome but you can certainly find a bargain if you are looking. These are due out in March/April and will only be available from Target only.

Left to right: Lip Smoother, Eyeshadow in 02 "Love is in the Air" and Duo Blush in 02 "Pink Me" light side, dark side and blended.
Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Lip Smoother $4.10
This one is a fairly basic clear lip gloss with just a hint of shimmer. It is actually quite nice on the lips and isn't sticky or uncomfortable. If you are looking for a clear topper lipgloss why not check this one out?

Essence Like an Unforgettable Kiss Eyeshadow in 02 "Love is in the Air" $3.70

I was definitely most impressed by this one! For $3.70 I wasn't expecting it to be so buttery and pigmented. especially since these lighter pastel shimmer shadow types generally lack pigmentation. Not this one! As you can tell from the swatch, is is quite opaque and the blue really shines through. I'm actually very impressed by this one and I will definitely be buying the other two shades when they come out.

Left to right: 01 Always on My Mint, 02 Love is in the Air, 03 Cloud Number Nine.

Essence Like and Unforgettable Kiss Eyeshadow in 02 "Pink Me" $6.75
The little heart shaped box packaging is very reminiscent of the Too Faced blushes so I thought this one was cute immediately. This blush is actually very nice. The texture is just a tiny bit chalky but it still blends well and it is such a pretty colour. Mixed together it is a lovely baby pink shade. For the money, this is a really good blush and definitely worth the price. I will definitely be swatching the other shade to see if I want to buy it too.
 Left to right: 01 Nothing But Lovestoned and 02 Pink Me

There are also nail polishes (mint green, purple and fuchsia), lipsticks (peach, fuchsia and red), a makeup brush and a fragrance coming out in this "Like An Unforgettable Kiss" collection that look quite nice too. Are you keen to have a look at these when they come out? Also I would love to know if you have any other Essence favourites because I am always looking to try more from this brand.

Stay Rosy.

Disclaimer: These were sent to me as PR samples but as with all my reviews my opinions of them are completely my own. I would rather write a negative review about a product and risk never getting sent anything more from the brand than lie to you and break your trust.
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  1. Packaging looks really cute! Bummer they aren't more pigmented!


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