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Dupe Alert: Dior Fluid Stick vs Ulta3 Liquid Shine Lip Colour

Thursday, 19 February 2015
I will be first to admit that I have become addicted to high end makeup, to the point where I don't actually buy a lot of drugstore products any more which is crazy because there are some amazing cheap products out there. I was sent this Ulta3 lipgloss as a PR sample and didn't think much of it when I saw it when I tried it I was just like, "Holy hell, this looks like my Dior Fluid Stick!" I quickly swatched them to find I was totally right. The colour is ridiculously close and they are both glossy cool blue reds (Ulta3 classifies it as a watermelon colour) which are very flattering, even on my pale skin which makes reds hard to pull off.

The Dior Fluid Stick 575 "Wonderland" has bluer undertones and is a slightly thicker formula which also comes with the downside of being slightly stickier though it never really bothered me but it could annoy some. On the other hand, the Ulta3 Liquid Shine Lip Colour 06 "Dazzling" is slightly thinner while still being opaque. It is also very smooth on the lips and not at all sticky. I am actually very impressed by this formula considering it only costs $5.95! It feels comfortable and it doesn't collect in the corner of my mouth or slip around. Even though I received this one for free as a PR sample I will be spending my own money on a few more shades so stay tuned for those swatches.
L to R: Dior Fluid Stick in 575 "Wonderland', Ulta3 Liquid Shine Lip Colour in 06 "Dazzling"

Ulta3 Liquid Shine Lip Colour in 06 "Dazzling"
Dior Fluid Stick in 575 "Wonderland"
While I will say that the Dior Fluid Stick has a slighly more luxurious feel as wells as smoother, glassier lacquer finish, the Ulta3 Liquid Shine is a fantastic dupe considering it is almost one tenth of the price. Ulta3 is available from many pharmacies but I always see the best ranges at Terry White. Will you be picking one of these Liquid Shine Lip Colours? I know I will be grabbing some more colours!

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1 comment on "Dupe Alert: Dior Fluid Stick vs Ulta3 Liquid Shine Lip Colour"
  1. Love a good dupe! Some of the Ulta3 lip products I've tried have been amazing too! Some definitely underrated products from that brand.


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