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Back To Uni Series: Uni Essentials

Friday, 13 February 2015
There are a few products I use every single day to make life easier. As I said in the first post of this Back to Uni series, they definitely aren't a absolute necessities but I like using them to put a little pep in my step. No body cares how you look at Uni but that is exactly my point; it isn't about them, it's about you!
Benefit Erase Paste $47
Oh Erase Paste how I love thee, let me count the ways! If you have been reading my Insta or Blog at all you would know this is one of my absolute HG products. I have terribly dark under eye circles that are all the more noticible because I am so pale. Even when I am well rested they are horrid so you can imagine how they look after an all-nighter. No joke my brother seriously and quite worriedly asked me if I'd been hit in the face because I had black eyes and that wasn't even during exam block! Because of the salmony pink tone, it neutralises the dark blue and purple tones that make my circles so bad. I know it is expensive to buy in Myer but you could always do what I do and save up and order from the way better priced USA site which offers free international shipping on orders over $125 USD. It is also worth noting that the little tub contains a whopping 4.4 grams which will easily last a whole year even with daily use. I use mine all the time and still have tons left!

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush $29
This amazing brush is a must have whether you go to Uni or not but I have included it in this list because I think having a really good foundation buffing brush cuts your makeup application time dramatically which is a huge plus for rushed mornings. I find that the Sigma F80 blends and buffs my foundation in faster than anything else I own, even my Beauty Blender. It just makes things really easy and flawless! I mean no one has time to fuss with an traditional foundation brush when they have to be out the door in 10 minutes!

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer $34.95
Nothing helps you to look more awake and glowing than a bit of highlighter and Mary-Lou is definitely my favourite powder highlighter. I also love my Benefit High Beam liquid formula but I do find the powders a lot quicker and easier to apply and since this is a Back to Uni series, it's all about quick and easy. The reason I love Mary-Lou so much is because it has a gorgeous and universally flattering champagne colour as well as really finely milled particles so it doesn't look to chunky and glittery on the skin. Highlighter should look glowy, not glittery!

Lush Dream Cream 45g $5.50
With constant air con and low humidity climate control in the museum I work at, my skin dries out so fast. My new favourite body cream is definitely the Lush Dream Cream. It is very rich without being greasy or heavy and suitable for sensitive skin. It also smells amazing! Basically it is everything you want in a body lotion!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush $9.99
Dry shampoo is a lazy girl's best friend and I could not live without it, especially during semester. I also love it for giving my roots more volume even if my hair is clean. This "Blush" scent also smells beautiful and florally without being sickly sweet. In the very rare event that you have never tried dry shampoo, you need to... stat! This Batiste range even comes in various scents as well as blonde, brunette and red to deposit a little bit of colour.

There are my Uni essentials that I absolutely could not be without during the semester. What are your Uni essentials? I would love to know so leave me a comment.

Stay Rosy.
2 comments on "Back To Uni Series: Uni Essentials"
  1. Great picks! I never went to uni full time, only part time and worked full time. It sucked! On the plus side, I always have a nice little desk to put my favourite handcream in (mine is L'Occotaine En Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream :)

    Kate |

  2. Uni essentials and also call back to uni series. These series are perfect which were showing you how can you start to take help for essentials things which are important, I know you are waiting to take grademiners. Hope you enjoy your time when you are in uni essentials.


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