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January Favourites

Friday, 30 January 2015
The first month of 2015 is almost over already and I am happy to report a lot of new favourites I have aquired over the last month or two that are worthy of holy grail status. It's been a good makeup month!

Nars Virtual Domination Palette - Limited Edition (No Longer Available)
I did my first forwarded order from Sephora and MAC USA in November and this was one of my favourite acquisitions from that haul (as well as my MAC Custom Palette but you have already heard me yammer enough about that one). I will forever love this palette for introducing me to the ever popular permanent shades of Deep Throat Blush and Laguna Bronzer. I know, which rock have I been hiding under to have only tried these recently? I do know though, that they are amazing and even if you can't get this palette anymore, you need to check out these two Nars beauties and not wait as long as I did. Deep Throat is that perfect peachy pink tone that will look very natural and flattering on almost any skin tone and Laguna is just too perfect for words, even for my pale skin tone. I would definitely have to say I prefer it over my Benefit Hoola because it just works so well with my skin tone! Let me know if you would like to see a Hoola vs Laguna post. I have also done a swatch post of this palette you can read here.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC1 - $49.00
After having a small breakout of spots this month I decided to bite the bullet and get a thicker more durable concealer that could really cover my spots. As much as I love my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, it is not up for the task even though it slays my dark circles and discoloration. Instead of going through the battle of finding a heavy duty full coverage concealer in my shade I figured I would go with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage because you can mix your own shade and I have heard good things. If it is a favourite of Lisa Eldrige you can bet that I'm going to want to try it out sooner or later. It has quickly become and everyday must have for me because it covers every little spot and actually stays put all day which really impressed me. It is a very dry formula so it isn't for large areas but for single spots, applied with a precision brush like my Nars #13 Brush ($35.00) it is an absolute must have for me!

Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia - $59.00
I got this baby for Christmas and I'm already in love! I have normal to dry skin which the Nars Sheer Glow is apparently most suited to and I love a very natural foundation finish so it is little wonder I am loving it so much. There is a reason so many people rave about this one. I find it lasts all day on me very well (though I have heard that isn't the case for oilier skin types) and is light and comfortable to wear while giving me a beautiful finish. I will say that the flawless finish is a little harder to come by than with my other foundation because it is a drier formula that requires more blending, especially with my fingers to warm the product up, but the end result is well worth the effort. I'm always trying new foundation applications to see which one works best but so far, good old fingers are coming out on top. I also love that, thanks to the extensive and well thought out colour range, it is a perfect match for my skin tone being light enough while also having enough of a yellow base (unlike most very light foundations that tend to run pink) to blend seamlessly into my skin.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Poppy Paradise - $27.00
First of all, I think for such a beautiful high end blush $27.00 is an absolute steal which is why I picked this up from Kit Cosmetics in Myer a couple of months ago on a whim. I am very partial to a powder free makeup finish and I love using all cream formulas for a fresh, dewy finish especially on the days I am working in the museum in perfectly constant 50% humidity and 21 degrees when shine isn't a big concern. I haven't been able to find too many good affordable cream blushes (other than Bourjois ones which I had to special order from the States) so it was a great find. It blends well, last decently for a cream formula and is the most beautiful colour. Basically it is faultless and leaves me wanting to try more of the Josie Maran range like the Pink Escape shade and that beautiful rosegold watercolour eyeshadow.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Lovelorn - $36.00
I don't often buy MAC lipsticks because they are so overpriced here but I had a voucher so I figured what the heck and I'm very happy I did. This is possibly my favourite lipstick shade ever and it has the added bonus of being a gorgeous, smooth, moisturising formula. It is a slightly cooler midtone pink that just looks super natural and gorgeous. I am pretty sure I have been wearing it most days since I bought it which is bad in a way because I have been neglecting all my other zillions of lipsticks but honestly, I'm not even mad. I also have swatches of this lipstick here.

So there are my latest favourites for January. Which products did you find yourself reaching for most this month? Which products do I need to check out so they might find a place in my February favourites? I would love to know so just leave a comment below.

Stay Rosy.
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