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Brushes I Can't Live Without

Monday, 29 December 2014
I often post #FOTD flatlays on Instagram so you already know the makeup products I use everyday but I don't tend to focus very much on the brushes I use on a daily basis. Here are the few of the brushes I use the most.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush $22.99
My collection of face brushes is definitely dominated by Real Techniques and this was the first brush I bought from the range. I love that this brush buffs in my foundation for a smooth and even complexion that isn't too thick and doesn't use to much product. This is my go-to foundation brush most days and I also often use this for applying liquid highlighters and cream blushes. It's a great multi-tasker.

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush (in set of three brushes) $39.99
Speaking of multi-takers, this brush really lives up to its name. I use this mostly as a powder brush because I don't like huge, super fluffy powder brushes but it is also great for blending my highlighter, blush and contouring, blush application and I have even used it to apply thinner foundation formulas. I only wish that it was sold separately.

Real Techniques Blush Brush $22.99
I wasn't kidding when I said my face brushes were mostly Real Tecnhiques. You really can't beat them for quality and value. I know a lot of people say this brush is too big for blush application, I like it for my everyday natural look where I want very diffused blush. For a more structured look I will use a different blush brush. I also love this one for applying bronzer. In fact I really think it is even better shaped as a bronzer brush than a blush brush.

Artiste Professional #53 Highlighter Brush $19.95
For the longest time I struggled with finding a decent highlighter brush at a lower price point. I really love this one because I can control how much highlighter powder I apply because of it's tapered shape. While I still very much want to try a fan brush (I can't wait to get my hands on the Sigma one that is coming out soon) this is a fantastic brush I can rely on.

Nars #12 Cream Blending Brush $38
For the longest time I struggled with cheap, sub-par concealer brushes and would eventually just give up and use my fingers. I picked this brush up when I bought my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (cue angel chior) and I have absolutely loved it ever since. It allows me to quickly and evenly pat on my concealer around my problematic eye area so it looks perfectly even and natural. Basically, I love this brush and I need more Nars brushes!

Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Large Synthetic Duo Brush $18 USD
It is impossible to find a decent drugstore priced brow brush in Australian drugstores; trust me, I've tried. When I ordered my Dip Brow I decided to get this brush too and I'm so thankful I did. For the longest time I was making do with angled liner brushes and they are not the same. The bristles on this brush a fine but firm allowing for a really precise brow.

Sigma E60 Large Shader $19
I have already told you how much I love my Sigma eye brushes but this one is a favourite of mine and I find myself reaching for it everyday to lay down my base eye shadow. It is big which means I can apply the shadow quickly and evenly. It is basically a perfect eye shader brush.

Sigma E35 Tapered Blending $19

This is the brush I reach to every single time to shade above my socket line and blend everything. It is bigger and softer than my old faithful MAC 217 that I don't use so much anymore but a similar shape and is just basically perfect for the task. If you are having trouble finding a good multipurpose tapered blending brush definitely check this baby out!

So of course these are just a few of my many brushes but they are the ones I rely on and if I was travelling I would probably only take these ones with me. I can create a whole look with just these brushes and do it well. Like they say, an artist need the perfect tools and I am super happy with mine although I am always looking to add to my collection and I think I can see some new Sigma and Rae Morris brushes in my future!

Stay Rosy.
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  1. I love real technique brushes, have a set too!


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