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Review: My New Hourglass Blush Family

Tuesday, 11 November 2014
I have been waiting for a few months to buy some Hourglass blushes but I knew that the new palette was coming so I resisted temptation. Yes, it was as hard as it sounds! Yesterday I finally went to Mecca to purchase the new Australian release Ambient Light Blush Palette and I also picked up another single blush in "Ethereal Glow". Here are my swatches and first impressions.

Left to right: Ethereal Glow, Ambient Lighting Blush Palette (Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra and Mood Exposure).
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in "Ethereal Glow" $46
I love my light pinks so I simply couldn't pick this one up as well as the palette. It is a really light baby pink that doesn't look like much swatched but it is gorgeous on the cheeks. It reminds me a little bit of Benefit Dandelion but it is definitely different enough to warrant the purchase. I have a really light skin tone so this shows up quite well as a light blush but I could imagine darker skin tones might have trouble with this one. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette $76
First of all it is necessary to have a look at the savings you make purchasing this palette. A full sized blush is 4.2 grams and costs $46 while this palette has three 3.3 gram blushes (one of which is exclusive to this palette) for $76. Using the single price ($10.95 per gram) you basically get $108 value which is great and was certainly worth waiting for!

"Luminous Flush" is a beautiful rosy pink which I immediately knew would be my favourite but I was actually surprised by how much I loved the other shades and how well they suited me. I would definitely say that these are three universally flattering colours. I was worried that the middle exclusive shade would be too orange for me but it really is beautiful and I would say it is more of a peachy coral. I am interested to see how this one compares to Benefit Coralista when it arrives with my Sephora order in the next week or two. The final shade "Mood Exposure" isn't one I would usually choose myself so I was glad to get it in the palette. It is a darker rosy plum that actually looks quite nude on the skin despite how it looks in the pan. I was worried this one wouldn't work on me but I totally love it!

It is also good to know that both the singles and palette are part of the permanent Hourglass collection so even if your Mecca sells out of its initial stock, more will be on its way. I would say the palette is definitely worth purchasing, especially considering the exclusive shade is so beautiful and it is actually pretty good value for such a high end brand! These blushes have just solidified my good opinion of Hourglass. Will you be picking up the new blush palette or do you already have a nice little singles collection? I'd love to know.

Stay Rosy.
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  1. Hey, nice post :) Thanks for that. Could you do like a comparison of Benefits Dandelion and Hourglass Ethereal Glow? Regards Vanessa


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