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October Favourites

Monday, 3 November 2014
If you have been following me on Instagram you would know that I just submitted my Honours thesis which is why this post is a little late. I am now officially finished with Uni until March so you can expect to see a lot more posts from now on. But as they say, better late than never! Here are my October favourites.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #9 "Nude In Private" $55

I bought this lipstick earlier in the year while I was in Paris because they were much cheaper there and I simply couldn't resist. There is certainly a reason that these lipsticks are a cult favourite. While they don't really last long on the lips they are the smoothest, creamiest, most luxurious product I have ever put on my lips, heck maybe even my entire face. I love this rosy peach nude colour and I have found myself reaching for it even more in the past month. They might be prohibitively expensive, by I really need some more Rouge Volupte lippies.

Nars "And God Created The Woman" Eyeshadow Palette $79

I haven't had this one long but boy have I used it heaps since I bought it. As my first foray into Nars eyeshadows I am seriously impressed by the quality and gorgeous colours. I also love all six colours in this palette which work so well together. It is definitely my go-to travel palette now.

Maybelline Color Tattoo "Bad to the Bronze" $11.95

I realised after I pulled out all my Maybelline Colour Tattoos last month for my September Shop My Stash post that I had owned this shade for ages and never even used it. I am so glad I pulled it out of the depths of my makeup drawers though because it is perfect for a really quick and easy eye look. It is a gorgeous shade that lasts all day and I just cannot fault it, especially for $11.95.

Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm $6.49

A bit boring I know but hear me out! Not only is this the best, most moisturising lip balm I have ever used that doesn't feel gooey and sticky on the lips but because of this beauty I have been using a lot of lipsticks I overlooked in the past. I have been dabbing on some of my really dark lipsticks, like MAC Twig (on my pale complexion it is too dark and too brown) to leave a stain and applying Carmex over the top. Hey presto, a nice moisturising lip stain and as an added bonus I am getting some use out of lipsticks I had abandoned long ago! 

So there are my favourites for October. I would love to know which products you have been obsessed with lately and if you share my adoration of any of these products. Let me know in the comments. 

Stay Rosy.
4 comments on "October Favourites"
  1. I wear Bad to the bronze everyday without fail as a base colour on my eyes :)

    1. Good idea. That is exactly what I did this morning!

  2. That YSL lipstick... Praise!

    They feel like buttah!

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

    1. I know right!?!? I really need more but why are they so expensive :(


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