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Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

Saturday, 22 November 2014
I went a little bit crazy with an order of limited edition holiday palettes from Sephora to celebrate finishing another degree (2 of 3) so I will reviewing them one at a time over the next few days for you. First up is this beautiful Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette. It is almost impossible to get in Australia because Mecca only received a handful which sold out online and in stores in less than an hour but you can still order this online. As of right now, it is still in stock on Sephora though unfortunately they don't ship here so you will need to use a forwarding company like I did. Even if you can't get the palette though, 3 of the 5 shades in this palette are in the permanent collection so if you like the swatches you can buy them at Mecca.
First of all, as you can see the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It is compact while still being sturdy and a decent weight. I also absolutely love the pattern on the front cover!
It's so pretty!
This palette includes a highlighter, three blushes and a large bronzer. The Sex Fantasy and Final Cut blush shades are exclusive to this palette but the other three shades (Miss Liberty, Deep Throat and Laguna) are all part of the permanent collection. I also love that this palette has a great mix of shimmer and matte blushes and a great colour range from peach to pink to coral. I somehow have never tried the Laguna bronzer either so I was really excited to get it in this palette.
All the blushes are 4.5grams which is just shy of the full sized single 4.8 grams. Using the Mecca price of $39 singly each blush works out to about $36.56 in value. The Laguna bronzer weighs in at 10 grams which is actually bigger than the 8 gram single size which costs $49 at Mecca. That means you get about $61.25 worth of bronzer! Altogether, the included value is $207.49 which is incredible value. If you can still get your hands on one of these babies I would say definitely do it!

Swatches (left to right)
  • Miss Liberty (highlighter): very shimmery peachy gold 
  • Deep Throat (blush): shimmery peachy pink
  • Sex Fantasy (blush): matte baby pink
  • Final Cut (blush): matte coral
  • Laguna (bronzer): warm brown with subtle golden shimmer
So what do you think about this palette? Will you be going on a cyber hunt to try and find one of these babies or picking up some singles at Mecca? Let me know in the comments below.    
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