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Bourjois Eye Liners

Thursday, 13 November 2014
Bourjois has long been one of my favourite drugstore brands and some of their eye liners really are winners. The lovely @savannah_kidd on Instagram also requested a review of my liquid eye liners and the only ones I haven't tossed long ago are my Bourjois ones which has to tell you something.

I have already mentioned that I have super annoying fluttery eyelashes so I don't usually do a bold eyeliner and when I do I generally use my Maybelline gel pots because they are much easier. In saying that though I still rely on these lovely Bourjois liquid liners on a special occasion that requires a doe flick.

Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt-tip Eyeliner $24
This is by far my favourite because it is fool proof! I know people say that about certain liners all the time but I really find I can get a nice line with this one by drawing with the side of the pen and then just use the tip to touch up. It lasts well, is smudge resistant but not waterproof and hasn't dried out in the year I've had it which is a really big problem with most felt tip liners. Seriously though, if you constantly struggle with a bold liquid line, give this baby a go!

Bourjois Liner Pinceau 16H Liquid Liner $21
This one is definitely for those with a steadier eyelid than I but it is still a good formula though. It is a beautiful bold black and like the felt tip liner, is smudgeproof but not waterproof. Curiously though, despite the 16H claims of this liner, the felt tip liner seems to last a bit better.

Left to right: Liner Feuture and Liner Pinceau to show pigmentation. 
While I am definitely not a huge liquid line addict so I haven't tried a ton of them, I can definitely vouch for both of these as good options. I especially love the Liner Feutre Felt-Tip liner because it is just so damn easy! What are your favourite liquid liners? Which ones should I try next? Let me know below in the comments.

Stay Rosy
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