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Review: September Bellabox

Friday, 3 October 2014
I only just received my September Bellabox so I figured I would do a quick review. This is more looking at the Bellabox service and the value for money you can expect from it. It is important to note that this is not a promo sample box. I pay for this service and I have signed up for it using my personal email account so they don't know I'm a blogger. I often see some of the reviews of the Bellabox on popular blogs, many of which are probably sent to them, and they are way better than the boxes I ever receive. They seem to send the best products out for review which makes sense I guess but still seems a bit dodgy. This one is a truly representative box that you might expect to receive.
My relationship with Bellabox has been quite tumultuous to say the least. Some months I get great boxes, other months not so much. Last month was the absolute worst! There wasn't a single thing in it that I even wanted to use and it was all just tossed in a box without any packaging so half of the stuff was leaking or broken when it got to me. There must have been some issues with the August boxes because they all came really late and very poorly packaged. I was seriously so annoyed I tossed the whole thing in the bin. Not just the regular kitchen bin either! I stormed out to the garbage bin and slammed the wheelie bin lid rather hard. I then promptly cancelled my subscription. After this box though I might reconsider my cancellation... maybe. Here is what I received this month with a fairly boring but useful mathematical breakdown of the actual value of the products.

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes - 7 pack
25 pack valued at $7.99 - Actual value $2.24
I know these are really popular and heaps of people love them but somehow I have never tried them! I doubt they will beat my Bioderma Micellar for makeup removal but I'm very keen to try them.
Will I use it? Yep!

Salon Tan Professional Face Lotion - 75mL
Full sized sample valued at $19.99
Ordinarily I might be a bit bummed at receiving fake tanner but I have recently gotten back into it with some Bondi Sands products. Usually I just use my regular tanning foam or mist on my face which works well and ensures it is the same shade as my body.
Will I use it? Yes, I will certainly try it out though it isn't something I would have bought for myself and I can't really see myself finishing it.

Klorane Quinine and Vitamin B Shampoo - 25mL
200mL valued at $10.95 - Actual value $1.37
I know that the Klorane dry shampoo is awesome but I tried the conditioner in France (I ran out of my normal stuff and it was all I could find at the pharmacy) and hated it! Seriously, it was terrible and I'm pretty sure my hair would have been better off with no conditioner at all. I used it twice at the very end of my trip and didn't even bother bringing it home with me. This shampoo has a weird smell and even weirder ingredients list. Quinine is perscribed for chronic cramping and has pain killing, fever reducing and antimalarial properties. I have no idea what it is supposed to do for my hair. Protect it from mosquitoes maybe?
Will I use it? Nope. It smells funny and I hated the Klorane conditioner.

Cactus Skincare White Clay Mask approx 5g
70g valued at $59.95 - actual estimated value $4.28
I have seen Karissa Pukas rave about this brand and this particular mask in her videos and I have wanted to try it out for a while so receiving it in my Bellabox was was a really nice surprise. What is also a nice suprise is the Bellabox shop price of $41.35 because it retails for $59.95 on the Cactus Skincare website. I did get a little annoyed though because the sample is in mLs while the full sized product is in grams. I generously estimated it at about 5 grams but I'm almost certain it is less than that. Unfortunately, I don't have a set of scales sensitive enough to weigh the contents.
Will I use it? Definitely! I have a sneaky suspicion I will love it which will be bad for my wallet.

Sleek Makeup Eye Dust 6.5g
Full sized sample valued at $9.95
I am not a huge fan of loose shadows because they tend to go everywhere but this is a fairly nice muted antique gold colour called "Vintage". The other eyeshadows I have received with Bellabox have been in the ugliest shades you could imagine and I haven't used a single one so least the colour is okay this time.
Will I use it? Probably, at least once to try it out.

Garnier Perfect Blur 1.5mL
22mL valued at $16.95 - actual value $1.56
When I saw this was going to be in my box before I received it I though it was going to be a full sized sample and I got really excited. Unfortunately it was only a little sachet but at least I still get to try it out. I haven't tried any of the blur creams yet and I am really keen to.
Will I use it? Yep!

Revlon Colourstay Makeup Normal/Dry Skin in Natural Beige 1.5mL
30mL valued at $34.95 - actual value $1.75
I already have this foundation and I love it! My shade is the lightest, 110 Ivory, so I know this will be way too dark for me. Bellabox have sent out Revlon foundation samples before and I never really saw the point because there is only a small chance the recipient is going to actually be able to use it. I guess you can still see the finish and texture even if it is the complete wrong colour.
Will I use it? Nope, I'm way too pale. It is still a great product though so I will find someone to give it to.

Now for the round-up! 
Total September 2014 Bellabox value: $41.14 
Value of the products I will actually use: $38.02
The subscription service costs $15

So as you can see the Bellabox can represent some pretty good value if you are interested in trying out new products but be prepared for some months to be way worse than others. I still have the October box to get before my cancellation kicks in but if next months is okay I might consider withdrawing my cancellation. I will continue to review the Bellabox as long as I am receiving it and I will do the same for my Marie Claire The Parcel which I am super excited about receiving this month!

Are you currently subscribed to any subscription boxes? Which are your favourites and which ones have you been disappointed with? I'd love to know if their are any more I should sign up to so please let me know in the comments below.

Stay Rosy.

2 comments on "Review: September Bellabox"
  1. I'm currently signed up to bellabox.... I've received 4, the 5th is on it's way to me. From my history, I described the 1st 2 boxes as "Awesome" and "Great", then the second 2 as "Disappointing" and "Meh". I can already tell that this 5th box is going to be a let down :( Very sad considering I thought I had done my research well before signing up!

    I've also signed up for the Marie Claire box and CAN'T WAIT to see it!

    I've seen the pop sugar box on Allison Anderson's blog, and would love to try that if they had something similar here in Oz :)

    1. Yeah they can really be hit and miss so most of the time I don't know where I stand on them. I signed up for the Marie Claire box as soon as I hear benefit was going to be in it and all the other sneak peeks of what else is in it has just blown me away. I really want to try everything in the Parcel! That has never ever happened with my Bellabox.


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