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Review: Benefit Highlighters

Thursday, 2 October 2014
My love affair with Benefit began only about a year ago with my first few products. Ever since then I have been asking myself why the hell I waited so long. Some of my favourite products from their range are definitely the highlighters. Though I have tried a few from other brands they were way too “glitter ball” for my liking. In my opinion, a highlighter should apply a subtle sheen to your skin, like freshly moisturised skin rather than being glittery. So many fail in that aspect which is why I keep coming back to Benefit highlighters. I know I’m certainly not alone in loving Benefit highlighters as they seem to be a universal favourite with bloggers but I wanted to give my own take on them.
Here are swatches of all three. I apologize because it is really difficult to capture good images of quality highlighters (which these certainly are) because they are so finely milled and designed to not be overly noticable on the skin. You can still see the colour tones of each though and how they look on my fair skin.

Left to right: Heavy swatches of High Beam, Watts Up and Eye Bright (heavy swatch and blended)
Benefit High Beam $45
The original cult favourite, High Beam has been in basically everyone’s top highlighters list since it was released. I can assure you that this is an example where the product most definitely lives up to the hype. If you have paler skin, especially with cooler undertones, this will look particularly great on you. In saying that, it is clear from its popularity that it will still suit basically every skin tone. I usually dot it across my cheekbones and browbones in the typical c-shape, put a big dot on my cupids bow and then blend with my finger and put any leftover on my fingers from blending down the centre of my nose. For an even more natural look I will just put a little bit on my hand and very lightly blend it over the high points of my face with my Real Techniques stippling brush. The liquid formula makes this one very easy to work with and because you only need a tiny bit each time, I can see this product lasting a really long time.

Benefit Watt's Up $53
This was the first Benefit highlighter that I got in a Christmas pack in 2013. It is a cream highlighter with a subtle champagne gold tone which suits most skin types, even my super pale pink undertone complexion though I could imagine it would look gorgeous on more tanned skin. It is especially good for summer where, instead of your typical white/pink toned highlighters, you might want something a bit warmer. While the packaging is generally really good with a simple but effective twist up design, the sponge bit on the end is kind of useless. I always just swipe it on the skin directly from the cream stick and either blend with my fingers or a duo-fibre/stippling brush. It blends really nicely and it is so finely milled it doesn't show up too glittery on the skin.

Benefit Eye Bright Pencil $37
I bought this mostly just to line my lower waterline, inner corner of my eyes and brow bone for really awake eyes. As someone who is constantly fighting the deep purple eye bags, anything that can make my eyes look more awake is a big plus for me. I really do like this product, but I’m not totally in love with it yet, at least not as much as my other Benefit highlighters. It does what it says it does but I find the price tag a little steep when contrasted against how much difference it makes. In fact, I flat out refused to pay Myer price for this pencil but picked it up when I did an order from the States which worked out to half the price. You can definitely still use this to highlight cheekbones, cupid bow etc because it does blend quite well but if you are only going to get one of the Benefit highlighters, this shouldn't be your pick. Go for High Beam or Watt's Up over this one. Also, if tired eyes and dark circles are your primary concern go for the Benefit Erase Paste. It is seriously my holy grail product for correcting my terrible purple under eye area and I will be posting a review on it soon.

Of course I still love my theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and MAC Mineralise Soft & Gentle highlighting powders you can't really beat Benefit for liquid and cream formulas. I also find that liquid and cream formulas are a little more fool proof because it is very easy to overdo a powder highlighter. I would love to know if you have an absolute favourite highlighter, whether from Benefit or another brand. Which out of these three is your favourite?

Stay Rosy.
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