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Inglot Haul!

Thursday, 9 October 2014
I did it! I finally did! I splurged for an Inglot eyeshadow palette and it is glorious. After seeing so many lovely ones on Instagram I couldn't resist. I also picked up my first pigment and I really understand the hype. Here is exactly what I got.

Freedom System 10 Eye Shadow Square $22
This was obviously the starting point and I seriously love these palettes. They are completely magnetic. The little pans stick in fast and the lid is a sheet of acrylic with magnets in each corner. You can also clip the lid to the back while you are using it so it doesn't go missing. It is a little heavy but it is also REALLY solid. Seriously, good luck breaking this one.

Freedom System Eye Shadow $10
These are really pigmented and outstanding quality. The range is also absolutely amazing. I could easily build another three of these palettes, the colours are gorgeous! I was also really pleasantly surprised by the amount of product you get in each pan. Depending on the finish you get 2.3 grams for mattes to 3.2 grams for shine finishes. Each pan is 31 x 28mm and a decent depth. Basically, you get a lot of bang for your ten bucks. Obviously I firmly believe that these are colours are all fantastic (of course, I picked them) and you really can't go wrong with them. The AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components and they are basically extra pigmented which is really saying something because the basic ones are great too.
Top Row (left to right)

  • 354 - Light peach matte (I know this one doesn't look very  pigmented but it is just because it doesn't sow on my pale skin)
  • 344 - Mauve toned taupe matte
  • 348 - Dark grey matte
  • 329 - Dark earthy brown matte
  • 569 - Cool, ashy dark brown brow powder (less pigmented so it is easy to apply, natural looking and impossible to overdo)
Bottom Row (left to right)
  • 397 - Peach pearl shimmer
  • 154 - Light gold AMC shimmer (while they all have great pigmentation the AMC's are crazy pigmented, these really are light swatches)
  • 153 - Muted vintage gold AMC shimmer (my favourite!)
  • 399 - Pink pearl shimmer
  • 423 - Aubergine purple peal shimmer
AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow $26
While I have never tried any other pigments such as MAC I can't imagine getting a more pigmented shadow. I actually showed my boyfriend this by dipping a q-tip in to get a tiny bit and swatching it. I believe his exact reaction was "WTF!?! How is that possible?" It of course made me laugh but my silent reaction was fairly similar as I had never tried anything like it. You get 2 grams so that's $13 per gram which is more expensive than MAC pigments which come in at $8.67 per gram ($39 for 4.5g). In saying that though, I really wanted a bold silver for a particular look and I couldn't see one in the MAC range. If you can't find a particular colour in the MAC pigment range or just want some other beautiful options definitely check out the Inglot ones. I got the shade 23 which is a pure silver. I have shown it below with the tiny amount I pick up on a q-tip as well as a larger swatch.
That is basically how much you need to really highlight an inner corner, It is crazy.
Basically I love and adore my new Inglot purchases and I really regret not checking out the brand sooner. Don't make my mistake. I visited the store in Chermside, Brisbane and got really great service. I also really love those little magnetic boards they give you to build your palette! 

Will you be checking out some Inglot products now? Do you already have some firm favourites? Let me know below in the comments because I will certainly be going back soon to get some more!. 

Stay Rosy. 
2 comments on "Inglot Haul!"
  1. Wow these shadows look amazing! I've been wanting to try out Inglot for ages now. Love your palette, I would definitely choose similar shades for mine! X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. Thanks Bec! You definitely should check it out. There is so much I still want to buy from Inglot. It is a glorious but dangerous place :p


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