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Harlotte Cosmetics

Friday, 3 October 2014
There are few Australian owned brands of cosmetics that I even like but this is one I really, truly love. I know a lot of people may not have heard of it so I couldn't wait to do this brand focus. Honestly, you simply need some Harlotte in your life! The brand is the brainchild of Sydney based make-up artist Michelle Crofts whose signature look is clean luminous skin, smoky eyes and nude lips. Basically, she was unhappy with the products available, having to mix lipsticks and eye shadows to find what she was looking for. Eventually she decided that if no one was going to make what she wanted, she would do it herself and tada! Harlotte!

I was first exposed to the brand when I had my makeup done professionally for a wedding. The artist used Harlotte lipsticks and lippie pots on all of us and I bought one from her that very day as soon as I tried it on. It is important to note here that every product I have, I paid for. I’m not at all affiliated with Hartlotte (I wish!), I just legitimately love the brand.

The only gripe I do have with Harlotte is that there aren’t a lot of good images of the products on their online store and no swatches, which you really need if you can’t go in to a salon to try out the products yourself. I found that their Facebook and Instagram gave me a lot better idea of what the products looked like than the website did. For this reason, I figured it would be good to give you swatches of all the products I have to give you a good idea of what they really look like and just how awesome they are. I also love the fact that they are pretty well priced too. A $30 lipstick is only a slight step up from most “drugstore” lipsticks we hideously overpay for in Australia and a whole lot less than those you would get from the department store counter which is great considering the quality really is top shelf.

Harlotte Lippie Pots $22
Left to Right: Bride's Nighty and Pure
First I think it is necessary to pause to admire just how cute the packaging of the entire range is! I call these my 'lil pink M'n'Ms! My first Harlotte product was the Lippie Pot in Bride’s Nighty, a lovely lilac pink nude. They come in all the same shades as their base collection 12 nudes. This collection of 12 is split into 6 pink nudes, and 6 “true” brown toned nudes. I personally prefer the pink toned ones, just because of my colouring but the true nudes are gorgeous and would look great on everyone like those with darker skin tones who basically don’t fluoresce in direct sunlight like myself. I also have the colour Pure which is the “nudest” of the pink tones, described on their website as a nude soft shell pink. It is really lovely, and would suit a lot of skin tones. I particularly love using this as a base and then I will pat a brighter, more intense lipstick over the top and blend them together. It expands the range of my nudes exponentially because I can create a nude with any lipstick shade I own.

These lipsticks are a very creamy formula that are moisturising with a good standard longevity of about 4-6 hours so I only have to reapply after lunch. The Peak-a-Boo lipstick is probably my absolute favourite of the range. It’s a “nude bubblegum pink” that isn’t going to make you feel like a Barbie doll. It's more of a muted, creamy pink and is basically my go-to light pink out of my whole collection and let me tell you, I have a LOT of pink lipsticks. I also picked up the Bride’s Nighty lipstick because I loved my lippie pot so much and I do prefer the slightly more opaque and easier to apply lipstick. Like the lippie pot, it is a soft lilac pink that is very cooled toned and works so beautifully with a smoky eye. For a slightly darker, more rosy tone Exposed (a dusty nude pink) is absolutely gorgeous if you want a nude with more depth of colour. This one makes a lovely everyday lipstick and it is only slightly darker than my natural lip colour.
Left to right: Mistress, Temptress and Naked Peach.

Harlotte also decided to branch out from their signature nude lip colours and released four bright, intense shades: Cheater (tangerine), Hellcat (red), Mistress (watermelon) and Temptress (fuchsia). As you can see, I have Mistress and Temptress. If you shy away from a bold red or pink lip, especially during the day, Mistress is a gorgeous alternative. It is a bright watermelon shade that leans slightly towards coral and is much less intense than a red. I do also like Temptress, but it is a lot deeper and darker in tone than my other fuchsias which I prefer more because the lighter and brighter shades look better with my light skin. If you had more tanned, olive skin this would look gorgeous on you! Honestly, it just doesn't suit my difficult skin tone but please don’t let that put you off. Some of the photos on their Facebook page they have posted of others wearing it look absolutely stunning.

Naked Peach is the newest in the lipstick range and I love it so much. I pair it with their Peach Frenzy powder blush for a really natural look through spring and summer. It’s a really light and soft creamy peach shade that still is quite nude and gives a nice alternative to a lot of the peach lipstick shades that are quite stark, and sometimes very orange. Basically, it is the only peach lipstick I have found that I actually like!

These blushes are really great value and some of my favourites. They come in two gorgeous colours; Frisky Pink (soft baby pink) and Peach Frenzy (light peach). They are completely matte and really bendable for a beautiful finish. I am absolutely in love with these, mostly because they are made to be used with a really bold eye and nude lip. The whole point is to provide a natural flush without actually drawing attention to the cheeks so they aren't super pigmented which is actually good because they are really easy to apply and impossible to overdo. The end result is a really balanced look with a smoky eye, where you don’t have too much going on; just a really pretty polished look.

Harlotte Smoky Eye Palette in Plum $65
No Flash.
Flash. Just look at that plum!
I went with this Plum palette because the colours are quite unique and I don’t have many similar ones. In saying that, the Smoky Grey palette was by far my favourite but I went with this one just to be different. I do love it, but I find it a little hard to work into my everyday look because I mostly gravitate towards neutrals, browns and metallics. Boring, I know but I’m trying to branch out which is why I chose this palette! The colours are lovely, highly pigmented with a buttery texture and with a good primer they really last. Basically I just have to get over my fear of daytime purples. I’m just a bit sad I haven’t used it too much which is why it was featured in my September "Shop My Stash". It includes a very bright frosty cool pink, a shimmery deep plum (which is the stand out), a matte brown for contouring and a matte dark grey for defining and shading. The Smoky Grey palette is definitely still on my wishlist, and the palettes come in other gorgeous colours with brown, bronze and metallic shades and a bright blue/aqua palette for those who aren't faint of heart. Basically they are lovely and a good alternative to my constant Urban Decay Naked rut.

You can order online or locate your nearest stockist with their store locator. I would also recommend you follow their Facebook and Instagram because they post gorgeous makeup looks and sales when they crop up.

I hope you like my summary and swatches of Harlotte and I have inspired you to check it out. I would honestly have the entire range if I could afford it! Plus, it’s always good to support a great Aussie brand.
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  1. I love the look of Mistress lipstick! And that plum shade in the eye quad is phenomenal!

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

    1. You really have to find a beauty spa place or something near you that stocks it so you can have a look. Once you see them in person you will just have to try at least one thing :)


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