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September Shop My Stash

Tuesday, 30 September 2014
My makeup collection is reaching a fairly substantial size now which is certainly a great thing, but I am finding that I am forgetting about great products and not using them as often as I should. For this reason, starting with September, at the end of every month I am going to "shop my stash" and pick out a handful of products that I haven't been using enough. They are all going to get in a little box front and center of my makeup shelves and I will pledge to use them at least a few times in the following month. These are the products I shopped from my stash this month.

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Rich Core
This was a limited edition one that came out quite a few years ago and somehow I haven't used it much which makes no sense because it is a gorgeous metallic purple colour and it cost a bomb. I think it is because I have a few great palettes and it is just easier to reach for those in the morning than dig out my singles. In any case, I will definitely be using this one more and making an effort to give my entire shadow singles collection more use.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 110 Ivory $25.95
I bought this during the Chemist Warehouse's 50% off all cosmetics sale recently and although I really like it, I have only used it once or twice. While I hate the fact that it doesn't have a pump, it is a really great foundation. I am still very much obsessed with my Lancome Teint Miracale Foundation but I really need to use this one more, especially coming into warmer weather because it creates a lovely natural finish that isn't too heavy for Queensland weather.

Harlotte Smoky Plum Palette $65
I absolutely love this Harlotte brand and I will be featuring it on my blog during October, but I don't really use this palette much. I picked this palette out of the four colours that are available because I know I tend to get stuck in a neutrals rut. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, I have remained in that rut, constantly reaching for my Urban Decay Naked palettes. Considering it is now spring though and colours are good I am renewing my efforts to branch out with eyeshadow colours and this is a great palette to do that with. The colours are gorgeous and the quality is great and I'm actually excited about using this one more throughout October now that I have dug it out from the depths of my makeup collection. 

Benefit Posie Tint $55
While I really love the colour of this on my cheeks, it is more time consuming to apply in the morning than a quick powder blush. Basically, my laziness has been the main thing preventing me from using this lovely product more and I vow to take the extra minute to apply it in October, at least on the days when I don't accidentally hit snooze a few too many times. 

Maybelline Bold Matte by ColorSensational Lipstick in MAT 1 $16.95
I love this colour but I will be the first to admit it is not for the faint of heart. When I want a bright lipstick I tend to reach for my fuchsias but this one is so gorgeous I just had to dig it out. If you can't try new bright lipsticks in Spring then when can you? I am also naming next week (October 3rd to 9th) bright lipstick week on my Instagram @rosy.disposition so look out for my daily posts.

Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eye Studio $11.95
I have quite a few of these and I haven't used them too much even though they are great. I usually hate getting it all over my fingers during application because it is just one more mess in the morning I don't need (am I weird?) but I recently bought a really good Model's Prefer Cream Eyeshadow Brush so I have vowed to use these more next month. 

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 042 Bellini $21.95
This is little bit of cult favourite and I couldn't resist getting it during the Revlon half price sale. Since then, I've only used it once since I got it so I pulled it out for some more use this month. I actually don't have a lot of nudes that aren't pink toned and I am looking forward to using this with a more peachy toned summer looks. 

TheBalm Time Balm Concealer in Lighter than Light $26.95
I have developed a love affair with theBalm recently and even though I have had this concealer a while I haven't used it much. I didn't really give it a chance and experiment with it so I want to do that more during October. While my new Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer will remain my go to, I want to do a big review of all my concealers next month so I need to get to know this one a little better before passing judgement on it. 

I will be using these a lot more so stay on the lookout for them appearing in my Instagram #fotd. Have you used any these? Are you stuck in a bit of a makeup rut like me? Let me know below in the comments.

Stay Rosy.
2 comments on "September Shop My Stash"
  1. Love this idea!

    Certainly going to try this for October.

  2. Yeah I have seen a few shop my stash features around but I thought it would be great to do it every month and that it would make for a good blog post too ;)


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